Friday, September 26, 2008


Hi guys,

I'm up ridonculously early again, listening to experimental experimental music like Vodka Soap and Burning Star Core lol. I don't know if you should listen to them just yet. Lemme first give you my seal of approval. Anyway, can I just say how easy it would be to just 'keep on truckin'' if the world's refridgerator comprised of only Chive and Onion Cream Cheese, Pop Pan crackers and various teas? No? Well, suit yourself.

Panda always says things happen in three's, so lemme see, today, my mom came back from Trinidad. I missed her so much. She says I lost weight. And that would be because of my above diet. I couldn't, for the life of me, see what she was talking about though. So, that's probably two things right there, right? I hadn't realised it before but losing weight sure as hell could be one, unless I finally keel over and die of heart failure. And the third would have to be the fact that I have not one, but two, interviews on Tuesday! One for student editor of this online music/events website, which promises no money but lots of tickets to great gigs and London niceties (not to mention experience), and one for a bar job at The Alma in Wandsworth. It's a quaint traditional tavern-style affair, that would probably render plenty of tips from the old white fogey set that just ADORE my accent and such; and from you, if you care to drop by and support me some. And here I am already talking like I have these jobs in the bag. Fingers crossed and chafing. So, I'm sort of sorted; almost.

OH! There's another thing! case some of you decide that the weight loss thing isn't really a good thing, as I know some of my friends will. My mom is taking me and her credit card to get me that Zara coat I've been wanting (is it getting near cold in London yet?) Pictures to come, except my camera did something near suicidal the other day, and won't allow timer pictures. Whatev. You know I'll find a way. This is why I love going back to Uni; you can rent out bulky as fuck albeit working digital cameras from the LRC.

I've been doing a spot of reading, not only of the required collegiate kind (Cloud Atlas and The Weekend Novelist) but of the dot com variety. Here are a few note-worthy internet thingies I've gathered for your bored benefit:
-THE MUPPITS ARE MAKING A MOVIE COMEBACK! And jealous Cobain in a Coma writer Patrik pitches his own version of the movie, which sounds a far cry better.

-Battle from Reality No-Show gets schooled by some Christian Freakazoid...or not.

-Jack Siegel does..nothing new on The Skullset but I just think I should link it anyway.

-Yoko Ono channels her love through another voice (blog) and teaches you how to fly.

-Letters to life and beyond with a dash of scandal and a hint of bullshit.

-and as much as you can grab on the Mean Magazine website. K, go!

P.S. those two experimental bands sucked.

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