Friday, September 19, 2008


Just a few things I would kill to have, accompanied by a few songs currently on the mind. Blogger was takin' the piss last night, man!

Marijuana - Nirvana
Y Control - Yeah Yeah Yeah's
I'm So Sorry - The Smiths
Ace of Spades - Motorhead
Love and Inity - Damian 'Junior Gong' Marley
Everyday is Like Sunday - The Smiths
Viva la Vida - Coldplay
Beware(the water) - Deftones
Just Friends - Amy Winehouse
I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend how to Dance with You - Black Kids

This is a really good list I think. Really. I'm really getting back into The Smiths these days because...because! And that Black Kids song is a lingerer. Yup. Be careful. Yesterday I jumped/danced around to it in my room in a Cheerleader/Slumber Party-ish sort of way. all. night.
Anyway, nothing spectacular is really going on out here in the East. I've just been plotting my novel for class and trying to be efficient about life and whatnot. First night alone with the sibs was actually a lot more civilised than I expected. We ordered chinese takeout, which included some really good squid in chili sauce (one of my true loves, squid). And there was even more for me because my brother is allergic. His lip looks like a jellyfish on land when he indulges in seafood. It's the coolest thing. yah, that's it; fooding in front of the tv, watching 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' with one eye and The Skullset with the other. Talk about addictive, watching young folk do nothing but gather. Does anyone else marvel at the fact that homeboy's girl friends are all beautiful? It's completely unfair. And the whole website is like one giant Urban Outfitters billboard! Which is fitting because he's actually done a billboard for them.

And across the world wide web in other news, Wakamaru accepted my Facebook friend request! The dude barely has up any applications yet and already chicks are asking him on dates on his wall ("You're so freaking hot! Do you wanna go on a date with me?")! As blatant as that, my friends. This is the part where people wince at my lacking existence and kindly remind me that he's an automaton. sigh...I need to get back to England.

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