Saturday, January 30, 2010


My latest Zara purchase (among many). Okay so I admit, I do feel that studded anything is now two thousand and late (especially for someone who spent 1/4 of her life totally inebriated, head-banging, making out, thowing up and moshing) but I have been waiting to get my henna'd hands -on this ridonculously suit-of-armour-heavy number for ages! At its initial AED 650 price tag, I wasn't impressed (or was heartbroken, rather), but how can you resist a sale price like AED 195?!?

Pardon my lack of a proper setting (and inspiration) with these pics (you gotta start somewhere).

Thursday, January 28, 2010


When I'm having a night out and plan to get beyond fucked with my bad self, certain songs put me in the right frame of mind to get where I'm going ('destination inebriation', if you will). Last night was one such night, and oh was it good...and long overdue. While drinking a beer in the shower and trying to decide what colour face paint to smear across my eyes, this was one of the tracks blaring in the background...

Can't quite place why this old Cradle favourite makes me feel sexy, empowered and a better dresser, but it does. HOT!

Damn...ironically just got a call from Nat and Chass to head out again tonight. This is not going to make traithlon training any easier tomorrow.


It seems a lot more people than I expected enjoy my bullshit so I am going to try and post a couple things tonight...

This would be my best friend in London Mistress Ivy hard at work. She's a librarian. I shit you not. I am waiting for her to explain this one to me. Watch this space..

In other news (and this is such a 2010 thing to do! *barf*) my brother and I are in the middle of plans to enter and start training for this...and I promise (if I don't get it commissioned for a feature), that if all works out, my progress will be a regular segment on here so you can keep abreast of every muscle I pull, bit of food I throw up, 2-pack I gain, strand of chlorine-massacred hair I cry over, and such, and such...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Bath essentials? Sweeney Todd on TV and wondering when I'll ever get over his lust-worthy coif..still upset with my hair stylist for telling me my hair would break off if I put a white streak in it (and no, a fake chunk won't suffice)

Reading...Arabic...had my first proper class today!

Drinking...Iced chai tea lattes, as usual

Watching...this Cass Bird trailer over and over of life perfected, starring friends in the Sophomore Spring 2010 collection! (posted on my birthday, might I add)

Smelling of...chlorine


Dreaming upcoming trip to the Philippines! So stoked! Next month, bitches!

Wearing...Zara. Zara. Zara. A sneak peak at my last much anticipated, heavily discounted purchase?

Trying...and failing to be productive - there are so many reasons for which I need to sit in front of this laptop for hours but have only managed to give it the time of day to browse FFFound, update my twitter status, internet bank and stalk Rihanna motherfucking cheques to arrive in the post already!!!


On a side note, IT'S SURF SEASON! Have never even lain on a board on the fucking sand but I've been keen to start for years (and what better excuse than a new year?). Scott over at SurfDubai has been sending me loads of cool updates recently and it looks like they're doing a special offer for their surf fit programme (land and water based boot camp happening next month):

The one month course, which consists of 2 sessions a week only costs AED 1000! And if you bring a friend you both pay 900 (bring 2 and you'll pay 800 apiece!!). All equipment provided!


This Friday, check them on Sunset Beach (Dubai) in the morning and grab as much free Quiksilver gear as you can (they're their sponsors and are being super generous that day only to celebrate the opening of the season.

Monday, January 25, 2010



1) Model Ursula Konina for The Row...the hair...the sunglasses...the look. Aced it. Current desktop photo for realz!

1a) I've been on the beach with The Fox nearly everyday...not that I need to be in the sun for a decade (or ever) but fresh watermelon juice and choppy english (on his part) and arabic (on mine) while we read and mark up any recent copy I've written for a local mag somehow enable me to lie there and roast for hours.

2) The last act of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet...that urban church...??!

2a) I want to name drop some new friends I've made; Nat and Chass of the band Frequnt People. They're a couple who perform nightly at this bar I frequent called Hemingway's (this is also where I met The Fox, as he is a 'frequent person' too). Even though they're rounding up their contract with the bar and are heading to the UK then back to Australia next month, we plan to keep in close contact. They're going to be performing with Sir Bob Geldof in Dubai in March though and are gonna hook me and The Fox up with some tickets (yay!). Big going away party happening on Wednesday for them. I can't tell you how much I love Nat though. She is the first friend I've made here who's on my level, especially sartorially, and it's such a shame that we only started really chatting a month ago. She's been throwing these amazing clothing pieces my way since she's moving and we've been prowling the dirty back streets for disturbingly cheap, exquisite vintage handbags, and scoring like gangstas! She is the reason I've decided to start my pretty things business...collecting rock star one of a kind pieces all over the world and throwing viewing parties wherever I please - maybe even London a few times! So keep an ear out! (and yes, I will show you what we time)

3) Risko over at the SRC783 Blog getting creative with her bad self.

3a) Isn't Risko THE BEST fucking name ever? Anyway, since mine means shit in Arabic, I'm gonna go with Idole now.

4) TOPPA TOP! Hanneli spotted this girl being too cool for this motherfuckin' planet! GIRL, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!

4a) So hold up...I DID the septum piecing. I DID the long brightly coloured braid. Why can't I have it this together?? FACK! I need to do some styling, hit up our building's rooftop and strike embarassing poses with my Olympus on timer. Still working up the guts to be this loser-ish.

5) Some girl on The Cobrasnake doing a really good job wearing a long plaid dress in the style of Rayanne Graff on My So Called Life! GAHHH!!!! And can we have a moment of silence for the dusty cotton candy coloured hair trend of late?

5a) After a 2-week trial at a local mag where I interviewed fun-deprived teenagers, flambouyantly gay filipinos-cum-friends and bus drivers, reviewed 5 star restaurants, pestered the ministry of health for more info on the country's newly enforced smoking ban (hooray!) and pretended to be professional as I was scrubbed down and masaged by an overly patient spa therapist, I've been offered a permanent position with them! As excited as I was to continue living that life a week ago, now that I've just shaken hands with the editor, I'm getting cold feet. Dream job aside, do I really want to be a suited up, weighed down 9-5er?

...and on a side note, I ranted about face paint inspo on Bitching and Junkfood recently too, not to mention you GOTTA see this.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Sheer boredom resulted in an account on Looklet. These are my first two looks but stay tuned if you likey..although I can't guarantee that I'll stay interested long enough.


Sorry but...

...a show of hands for those who think a Gaga/Empire of the Sun collab is imminent?! It SHOULD be at least.


So Fox and I have made a decision to celebrate our birthdays all month so on our last days of work he borrowed his bro's car, picked me up and we sped off to Dubai, clubbed like house rats, checked out asian chicks, got drunk, talked a pile of bullshit, listened to gangsta rap, passed out and woke up in this really nice hotel with a sick view of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. *SIGH* my life...

So I guess we're dating (minus a label). It's been fun...laying on the beach for 2 days straight, drinking Corona, teaching each other stupid phrases in our respective languages. But Panda hasn't been too far from my mind either...

Panda and I talked for hours this morning and the complete sick-in-the-head losers we are, we came up with this plan to get 2 t-shirts printed in bulk to sell to you. One saying Team Panda and one Team Fox. When Fox becomes more of a regular on here, I'll set up a paypal account and you'll be able to choose which 'animal' you like more, then order and sport their respective t-shirt. Panda and I will share the proceeds. Sounds like a plan?

I THINK I'm just kidding...we'll see.

Friday, January 15, 2010


How many people are looking this sinisterly good right now? LOVES IT doesn't even cover it. Time to step up my game. I had a similar flowing garment once but drunkenly left it in the cloakroom at a club in London one night.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


New twiggy thing just popped up on the Corniche for the new year.

I really try to go all out on the weekends now obviously because it's all you've really got left once you become a 9-5er. So today involved waterfront cycling, yoghurt, cheesy apocalyptic movies, writing, interviews with interesting people, Arabic lessons, deep conversations at Starbucks and wine (and with all that, I even decided not to go to a house party).

Go all the fuck out on your weekends, people. We're all about to die!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Over the past 2 days I...
*taught someone how to use chopsticks

*learned that my name pretty much means 'shit' in Arabic (except spelt slightly differently)

*learned how to say 'eat shit' in Arabic as a result of this (kol khara)

*received 2 free midori-infused shots from the manager at a restaurant I helped review a few days ago

*felt bad and hid under a bowler hat at first from him because my co-worker who wrote the final review gave it a 5/10, which was released in print that same morning

*borrowed money

*blasted a taxi driver for faking that his metre didn't work and got him to turn it on

*got my hair done

*discussed the true meaning of happiness with Fox in Burger King while 50 Cent's 'birthday' song played in the background for some kid's party

*blew out a birthday candle

*forgot to make a wish

*was mentioned in the same sentence with Rihanna TWICE by 2 different people regarding how I look

*found an awesome store that sells septum piercing jewelry and ACTUALLY ran into a no-joke-smokin' guy with the same piercing (VERY strange occurrence here) looking to buy some in an emergency as well.

*was checked out at a club by a group of white guys, one of which was a co-worker who didn't recognise me (pretty sure it was him especially after receiving an important doc from him today that started off 'I hope you're having a good weekend!')

*had a watermelon martini

*saw a 3 car accident while coolly sitting in starbucks and scraping my name into a piece of furniture

*did not get drunk!

*rolled over in bed and thought 'what the fuck am I doing?'

*got burned by deoderant?

*listened to Shakira's 'Did It Again' more than I would like to admit

*told an awful truth

*had a conversation in Tagalog!

*was given the nickname Tokyo (was nearly donned 'Lee')

*discussed sex with my mother

*got a glass of red wine knocked out of my hand at a club and had it spill all over this girl, and just quietly walked away

*massacred some major Italian carbs then felt bad and scurried upstairs for a 12 mile cycle

*unintentionally wore a new Topshop sweater with a panda on it (honestly not bought because of ex boyf Panda but because cute) when I went to visit Fox (yikes?)

I turn 21 on Sunday...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I was seriously going to stay true to my resolution of posting more of my style by posting today's office wear but then Nadia and Cam of DI$COUNT uploaded this amazing dress-up sequence...

PS. Speaking of other people's style, did a new KC post finally...on man style. OOH! AND LOOK! New Patti Smith news!


[EDIT: Really not sure what I was on at the time of writing this but clearly hadn't followed instructions so I fixed the bastard because I'm a diligent blogger like that]
9 currents:
mood: fucking battered after work..
taste: some sort of sauteed fishy thing that is sooo good right now, and mint green tea.
clothes: black fitted Gap tshirt I wore to work today and some black yoga pants.
desktop: on the family PC, which my brother haunts so...sad to say, Tottenham Hotspur logos everywhere!
nail color: yesterday's peeling black is today's sleek white. Hate that one of my expenses has become fucking nails...times seriously change...
surroundings: steaming teacup, ipod, camera, lurking paternal grandmother..
annoyance(s): not getting much done in a space of 8 hours at work and having absolutely tight-as-virgin-pussy deadlines, and, as a result, having ulcers the night before them...but they do pay off I guess.
thoughts: sexyness, generally

8 Favorites:
color: black, gold, white, grey, purple, neon pink, neon orange, chanel nail polish green right now, I guess...
food: sake sashimi and unagi, basically...
book: The Buddha of Suburbia by Hanif Kureishi. But I'm hoping Kafka on the Shore by Murakami will impress because Becks has been strongly recommending it for ages and I finally got hold of a copy.
sport: Oooohhh, well one thing I love about working for a mag is the rush of research and new knowledge and I learned today that Abu Dhabi actually has pole dancing classes under the name 'Vertical Flex' and I have to's very much in my budget, if you know what I mean.
season: Spring in London; any day during the months of December and April in Abu Dhabi; the rainy season in Trinidad
day of the week: depends on what's happening, doesn't it? Dunno about you, but my days aren't redundant, which is why I love freelancing.
ice-cream flavor: rose or saffron and pistachio persian ice creaaammm!!!! Or green tea, which I had on Sunday while reviewing Sho Cho.
time of day: evening or ridonculously early morning (when I'm not working, cuz otherwise that means I haven't slept well)

7 firsts:
best friend: Kylieeeee!!! This painfully scrawny half black half portuguese chick with really long hair who went to convent school with me. We realised we were the only people in class who listened to rock and just hit it off from there, obvs.
kiss: To this scrawny half indian half white kid I was quite good friends with. He was obsessed with Blind Guardian and introduced me to one of my favourite goth metal bands back in the day (Lacuna Coil). He wanted to ask me on a date for ages apparently. We finally went on one to a movie. We knew this kiss was going to happen the whole time so we went to watch the Yu-Gi-Oh movie so we wouldn't waste a perfectly decent movie by NOT watching it. The ticket came with one of the playing cards...WISH I still had it. He said I kissed weird because he didn't know it was my first kiss. People always assume I've done a lot more than I's interesting.
piercing: All my friends got their ears pierced when they were babies except me so once I turned 12 I became obsessed and started piercing myself at the mall something like...once a month. Obviously addicted, I've since had a lip piercing (now gone) and a septum piercing (still pretty fresh - still love it). And, as you know, I'm considering doing one nipple.
crush: Hmmm this boy called Jesse from primary school. He bullied me though and didn't like me but as time went by, we became quite cool with each other because I always had the best CDs, which I brought in for class parties. Later on we all went off to separate high schools and in his 2nd year or so, I heard he was hit by a car. He died and that was pretty much devastating - first death I had ever experienced. I wrote a short screenplay on the subject once for screenwriting class...hope I can find that thing again...would be interesting to read.
music: Spice Girls!!
car: eh...
6 lasts:
food: fish
drink: mint green tea
kiss: can't remember, but not too long ago (I shall call him Fox - urggh...unfortunate animal theme getting started, but he actually has a fox tattooed on his stomach)
song played: Nirvana's 'Heartshaped Box'
show watched: This ridonculous cartoon called Chowder...sorta Spongebob-ish, really, but more oddly adult.

5 have you ever(s):
Dated one of your best friends: yup..I have a record, actually.
Broken the law: nope
Been arrested: nope, sorry.
Skinny dipped: I am really actually hoping to do this this another country, of course. Also want to visit a nude beach.
Been on tv: yeah...for things like performing as a violinist at concerts in Trinidad though...can't remember what else...maybe swimming? OH! I was also style spotted at some party back home...wearing a rasta hat and a bunch of other shit. I never saw the video though, only heard about it :(

4 things:
you did last night: saw The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, drank some free drinks at a bar, went to another Chinese prostitute-heavy bar, admired this one pro's billiards skills and was told that she does tattoos (considered it and decided against it in future as am not remotely partial to hepatitis).
you can hear right now: drums, guitar, bass, vocals
you’ve done today: slaved in an office, drank coffee, slept, flirted via text
you do when you’re bored: sleep mostly, call my ex, drink tea, snoop around facebook and get even more bored doing that

3 people:

you can tell anything to:
Mistress Ivy

2 choices:
black or white: depends, darling
hot or cold: really? this is stupid

1 wish:


Monday, January 4, 2010


Good shit from the KTZ SS2010 collection (found some great pics here of her On/Off show). And you know I'm wetting myself because I posted about the very similar Gwendolyn Huskens' graduate footwear collection way back when (can't be arsed to find it)...

...but I'm also anxious as fuck to see the price tag on the KTZs when they do arrive...

Anyway, not that my latest B&J posts could ever top this, but they're here and here in case you cared (OH! I forgot...maybe the second post can!!! VERY yum, but tragic that I can't have any of it)




January track of the day...

Been smearing on white face paint myself.

Friday, January 1, 2010


LAST NIGHT! WOW! Like..what did you get up to? Anyways this is me stirring this afternoon.

I've really taken to cat ears since not being able to get over how cute Jessica Stam looks in that one Nina Ricci perfume ad?

So it's going to be part of my 'signature' accessories collection this year (fuck, I'm seriously turning into an anime character)

MUMMYYYY!!!! I know a lot of people go partying at some club with friends and make out with strangers in plaid shirts while sloshing Pabst/Red Stripe all over everyone for their NYEs but I honestly prefer being with my fam for it (well, this time the bro and sis hit up that Rihanna concert, which I heard was a snore). We used to throw the biggest parties back home on our lawn for hundreds of people and wear fancy dresses and drink champagne and light fireworks - I miss that...

DRUNKENNESS!!! It's so nice to see her happy again because her mother died on Boxing Day and I've been nursing her and trying to make her laugh with back to back Little Britain (Rest In Peace, Mama - we love you)

Outfit deets...(and speaking of my bloggerly NY resolutions is to post more of what I wear because I've always been intimidated by that since there are so many straight fashion bloggers out there doing stellar jobs already. I don't like to think of this blog as strictly fashion but I do think it would make it more homey and personal if you saw more of me, yeah? I'll try.)

My dress cost 25. American. cents. at. this. gay. people's. yard. sale. and. my. mother. doesn't. want. you. to. know. that. but. what. kind. of. blogger. would. I. be. if. I. didn't. share. that. wackness?

HAPPY NEW YEAR AND ALL THE BEST WITH YOUR RESOLUTIONS! About to go write in my new journal, discuss business plans, eat leftover salmon and re-play last night. Love you all.

PS. Apologies to anyone who was offended by the 'thinspo' reference in my last post, but honestly I'm not in the blogosphere to support/mock/help any anorexics/bulimics (I was pro-ana AND ana myself back in the day and I know that trying to help someone who doesn't want to be helped is useless so do what you like, I don't care). What I really want to say, in the nicest way possible, is that in my personal space, I say it like it is and those photos were honestly inspiration for me to maintain skinny-ness. But...for what it's worth, ANOREXIA/BULIMIA IS BAD!