Thursday, April 30, 2009


Gufram's Dark Lady Sofa. I'm pretty sure I've seen it before but either way I stumbled upon it again while flipping through an old mag, recovering from a night of excess Echo Falls with the girls at Beck's mom's 'pad' near Bond Street. I'm not sure I would actually want this for my home though...but I just had to post something, didn't I? I haven't seen you since Friday!


Okay so...finally, April's gonna fuck itself. That was THE most harrowing month all fucking year for me. I sit here as ruffled truth that it is possible to do 936.666 hours of work in a month. but allow me to add a couple more onto that as it ain't fuckin' over yet. My last major university deadline EVER is due tomorrow, and of course much bacchanal must be had afterward, so ruffled, blogging, and late spring cleaning I might be, but a research portfolio, three chapters of a novel, a covering letter to a publishing house, a synopsis, chapter and character breakdown and a 2,500 word essay must appear before me by then.

In other news, yesterday was my last day at the magazine I was interning at. I had such a great two months there, and never even felt the need to call in sick out of sheer boredom of the day's tasks ahead, as previously done with other magazines (truth hurts). I also took away a new friend, amazing contacts, a couple of freebies here and there from reviewing stuff and attending press events, a pretty card signed by everyone including people who didn't even know my name, a box of Green and Black's organic chocolate, some cash and orchids. They told me the flowers will last up to two months. Not in my company, they won't. But it's nice. I've only ever gotten flowers once before this from my boyfriend. The cash has immediately gone towards my California summer and sits in full-on lotus pose in my savings account. However, when I got home and sat gobbling a fat pasta salad while pressing my hair before heading to the Black Knave/Drama magazine party, I got that much-awaited email from Dazed and Confused, asking me if I could start tomorrow for a week. I had to decline due to this academic business, but am now on file for future freelance positions; along with everybody else who was lined up outside the mag party, I bet.

We didn't end up staying at the party though. After Fi and I took turns crossing the street to the nearest pub to down shots or collect Coronas, waiting in line for more than 30 mins. seemed beneath us so we met Becks in Bond Street and got wasted at her mom's abandoned flat, grateful that we were no longer in the presence of pretentious company sporting half shaved heads, and people who befriended us and then sprinted off to lick the soles of the magazine's cohorts leaving us stranded in line. I REMEMBER WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE, which, in itself, is sad. Fi ran into a friend who worked for the London Paper on the celebrity buzz. She was heading off because the paps told her there was no one of note inside. So obviously, we weren't in there.

After much discussion on Beck's naked photoshoots (and other bodily matters including breast cancer via deoderant and whether sleeping sans underwear was the most obvious option), possible outfit ideas for the next Hoodoo Voodoo, mapping out plans to form an unstoppable coalition of 3 and host party nights, yard/car boot sales and form our own magazine, all this and more with a backdrop of Siouxsie and the Banshees radio (which I am pleased to know made Fi sway like an emphatic church worshipper about to be touched by the holy ghost, because I suggested it), we went to bed with plans to breakfast in the neighbouring pleasantries of the oxford street area the next day, which we shabbily did. We plan to try it again, but with better clothes and bigger wallets, at Selfridges some time this month.

As for now, my laundry needs transferring before the unwashed miscreants on campus get a hold of it and dump it to the side. After that, word counts, bibliographies, citations, pristine grammar et al. Tomorrow I'm getting more 'fuck me' pills to last me through the summer! Then handing in my work, easing myself into an evening of inebriation with le Vampyre, dropping in for a mexican dinner for my friend's birthday, then rushing back home to shove my breasts into my flourescent green bikini top because this week's sorry excuse for a college party's theme is 'Life's a Beach!' (well that was what I may have called it- it's actually simply 'Beach Party' - that should give you the general idea...). Is this good enough for a comeback post?

Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm bringing back Jessica Simpson's 'Oh my Gaw!' Seriously way too much goodness in one still. Yeah, it's been Erin Wassoned before; doesn't mean it aint divine.

Wow, fashion always gives me a prettily packaged reason to hate myself.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


She made a website specifically for that. And you can click on 'Buy'. I would've but my bank says stay clear of words like that until May. Best marketing ever. Never even heard of homegirl and never wanted to get my hands on any book more.

Oh, there's more where that came from. Let me link you to the next image. She's funny. Check it out. And I'm afraid I'm so ill-informed and tragically behind on cool Miranda July-esque trends so the tour information featured is long past. I repeat, DO NOT SHOW UP AT THE SERPENTINE ON THE 4TH of JUNE AS I WAS THINKING OF DOING A STUPID MILLISECOND AGO!

However, DO visit her website and tell me you hate her for having the sickest website entry page in life!

I am now going to read the London Paper until the all-clear in May. Still waiting for my Adulterers Anonymous book in the post too...


I more than over-killed spikes in my younger teenage years, but I stumbled upon Prong at the market, after that appalling fashion show I mentioned in my last post, and saw some things I liked...

in image 2 - wanting the head piece; image 5 - would rip off the little crystal droplets; image 6 - wanting the cuff; image 7 is a necklace (wouldn't mind it as a twice wrapped bracelet either)


So some guy messaged me on Facebook and is like 'New blog post please!' Well, hmph!

Well my boss was kind enough to hand over some press passes to some fashion events this week because she noticed I'm one of the only few people in the office to make more than just an effort in the morning (also I told her I needed to split by the end of the month) so Tuesday was spent trying to calm my upchuck reflexes while sitting front row of Alternative Fashion Week at Spitalfields. No offense to the student designers, but you've really gone and hit a new world record in vilifying the name of fashion. Okay, so offense. But I feel it better to let you know that now, rather than later, is a great time to drop the bolts of fabric, spit the pins from your mouth, and see if it's not too late to apply for a degree in....accounting or something for the 2009-2010 academic year. It actually may have hurt my heart (and the hearts of most present, minus those whistling at their trashy friends 'modelling') less if you had indulged in a shopping spree at Primark, then signed your initials in glitter/faeces/blood/hard bowtie pasta at the bottom of each piece. Sorry, really, sorry. I know, if someone slagged me that bad about my writing, I might feel entitled to hang my bare ass out of my window and deliver a big dirty baby on their foreheads as they passed by on their lunch break to Noodle King. But people who tell the truth are your best friends.

And then when I got home at 4, my boss is like 'I don't wanna miss the football match tonight. Anyone wanna take up a last minute review gig for an exclusive club in Mayfair? You'll get free entry for you and friend, free drinks and regular pay'. Of course, the catch is that it's due on Thursday morning. I'm tired as fuck, but life is a hustle and I could do with a drink. I call Becks and it doesn't take long to get her to accept, even though she's been rotting in the library all evening. She meets me in Mayfair, heavy laptop bag and all and the cousins do Mayfair. It was fun, but had to leave after 2 hours because I had work the next day, which was representing the mag at this Ethical Fashion Press Event in Covent Garden - smile, say a bunch of 'wow!'s and 'oh really?'s, accept cards, give cards, give magazines, thank profusely, accept goodie bag, rifle around in goodie bag on tube and be pleased - that sort of thing.

And when I got home from that (because I am getting this odd adrenaline rush from working too much) I decided to go review another bar in the area. I ate dinner there with a few glasses of wine while I made notes on the place, and watched on as Quiz Night took place. I love this pub! There's like nothing wrong with it. I had the simplest vegetarian dish, and they made my mushrooms taste like...fuckin' bacon. No, they tasted like.. a reason to order another one, with one on the side in a bag to take away. I didn't do that though, to my own chagrin. When the review's up I'll link you to it.

So that's been the story. I'm not in the office on Thursdays so today I just caught up on my Developing the Novel coursework portfolio, due next week Friday. Tomorrow's another work day.

Oh, and if you see me before it hits, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ASK ME IF I AM ATTENDING THE CAMDEN CRAWL!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Trevor Brown's work keeps me occupied (and his blog of baby art is disturbingly fascinating), so it was a [twisted] pleasure to be assigned to do a review of one of his books during my first few weeks interning at Skin Two. Finally, it's up.

Isn't it eerie to go over something you wrote ages ago and find a completely different voice swimming in it? Geez...I SO didn't write that. This fascinates me as well, which is why everywhere I move to, I never throw out my old journals, making my traveling horde stupidly spectacular. I think I'll start another journal this summer and pull a Leslie Arfin when the time is right...these bitches think ahead! Document that shit....

..Oh, happy 4/20...*cough* Sebastian


I just found Daul Kim's blog. My favourite post so far (but it's only 5:30am):

2009/04/04 say hi to showgirls

so , preston is like
"yeah thats so showgirls"
"yeah its like that scene in showgirls"
"you know she was suppose to be like that girl in showgirls"
to...many things and i was like...
what is ... show...girls????
i was like......
its so tacky but its so good !!!!
FIRST OF ALL christal look like...amy winehouse
and kyle maclarchlan prob thought this was an ART movie cool thing to do so he is in the cast
and NOMI 's acting sucks through out the movie NOT SEXY AT ALL seriously who fucks like that
and she prob ruined the whole movie but she did it in a such a bad way that it
like... it is so....tacky and the movie is SO overdone that it is almost minimal
and this move is such an exploitation ...of drugs, sex, boobs (like how many boobs do i see in this movie?),violence,
lesbianism, racism, rape etc....etc.... and still is like...NC-17
the script writer is kind of lazy and really.......its difficult to say it in words
theyre like .... ok lets name the dance teacher GAY
and lets get the racial fight thing going on with this white chick and the black chick
and the black chick is the one getting hurt
and the black chick who is friend of nomi gets raped
(why? always racial ppl getting hurt? kind of weird i thought)
and the asian pervert businessman's name is something like mr.takamoto from bangkok...u kidding me?
and the guy who play him look chinese.
But I was in love with her before this! And guess what she did?! She revealed how fucking on par with crazy and me she is, and when she dyed her hair blonde, she made linkage to Tadanobu Asano in Ichi the Killer!!! (...who you may or may not have recognized from...) What a fucking nutter! Hardcore lust!

...bitch is 19...


[Alexander Wang; Velour]

And they lived happily ever after, the end. Dressing up and dressing down, courtesy Oak. What more does one need this summer but a cold Corona in hand? Oh, shoes? No worriesssss...I don't mind pairing these with the Wang dress, but I'd keep a pair of these sluts handy, and there's no better option than a pair of Vans with the plaid (sorry, you're gonna have to give me a hot minute to get over plaid - it just fits too perfectly into my lifestyle). Maybe you can add some skinnies to the plaid but you don't have to. You know, keep it breezy in the heazy. (oh my god...)

So, I usually have more to say about my life, huh? Well, my obsession with internet banking has finally done me wrong, and I found a nice BIG (or should I say small) surprise in my checkings yesterday, which resulted in retreating to the covers in holey t-shirts rather than to the clubs in holy heels...among other distressing matters. Your girl is at a definite low, but not an unfamiliar one. It's like I know I'm not in Kansas anymore, but I just can't place...the exact new's at the tip of my tongue, but then again, so is the F-word. Fuck location. All I know is it ain't L.A. But long story short, I'm laying low and being good for now. Be back on toppa soon.


So BMW gathered all these mega parts and resurrected the 1934 BMW R7. Not that I know a flying fuck about bikes. But this is a flying fuck in itself. I'd straddle that.

Found this on the Cool Hunter blog. I was on the lookout for some cool interior and architectural design blogs and came across them; it's like a mash-up of all the most stunning objects you can get your hands on in this lifetime. I've never seen life as pretty as over there on that website.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Siouxsie and the Banshees at the BBC’ is a stunning 84-track, all digitally-remastered, 4 disc hard-back book set of exclusive BBC sessions, live concert tracks and TV performances recorded between 1977 – 2001 split across 3CDs and a DVD. All tracks hand picked by the band and featuring Siouxsie’s introduction to the liner notes.

Includes alternative versions of 18 classic hit singles – Hong Kong Garden, Playground Twist, Arabian Nights, Candy Man, Happy House, Cities In Dust, The Last Beat of My Heart, The Killing Jar, Christine, Melt!, Wheels on Fire, Spellbound, Israel, Fireworks, Dear Prudence, Peek-a-Boo and Kiss Them For Me, Swimming Horses,

Discs 1 and 2 feature key session tracks from 1977 – 1987 and a concert recording from the Apollo Theatre in Oxford in 1985. Includes the complete John Peel sessions alongside sessions recorded for Kid Jensen, Richard Skinner and Janice Long. Features 21 unreleased versions.

Disc 3 contains highlights from their BBC concert recordings at the Apollo Theatre in Oxford and the Royal Albert Hall in London in 1988, where the band performed a storming set 3 nights in a row to a sold out crowd. Highlights include a breathtaking Last Beat of My Heart , Christine and a rip roaring crowd pleasing end of show version of Hong Kong Garden..

Disc 4 is the real gem; a 29 track DVD of the band’s BBC TV performances. Features the complete Old Grey Whistle Test broadcasts from 1978, 1982 and 1985, the Something Else performances from 1979 and 1980, the Rock Goes to College broadcast from 1981 and the band’s complete Top of the Pops performances, complete, in places, with cheesy intros. This is a fantastic visual documentary of the band, starting with the OGWT performance of tracks from their debut album in1978; Metal Postcard and Jigsaw Feeling through the dark years of Juju, performed for the Rock Goes to College show and culminating with the beautifully pure pop bliss of Kiss Them For Me from Superstition.

Includes a fantastic 30 page booklet with extensive sleeve notes by Paul Morley. Features interviews with all the band members and a unique and insightful introduction written by Siouxsie.
Siouxsie and the Banshees at the BBC

Disc 1

Love In A Void
Suburban Relapse
‘John Peel’ - Recorded 29.11.77. Transmitted 5.12.77.

Hong Kong Garden
Helter Skelter
‘John Peel’ - Recorded 6.2.78. Transmitted 23.2.78.

Placebo Effect
Playground Twist
Regal Zone
Poppy Day
‘John Peel’ - Recorded 9.4.79. Transmitted 16.4.79.

Voodoo Dolly
But Not Them
Into The Light
‘John Peel’ - Recorded 10.2.81. Transmitted 18.2.81.

Arabian Nights
Red Over White
Supernatural Thing
‘Richard Skinner’ - Recorded 4.6.81. Transmitted 16.6.81.

Disc 2

Coal Mind
Painted Bird
‘Kid Jensen’ - Recorded 13.5.82. Transmitted 24.5.82.

Candy Man
Lands End
‘John Peel’ - Recorded 28.1.86. Transmitted 3.2.86.

Shooting Sun
Song From The Edge Of The World
Little Johnny Jewel
Something Blue
‘Janice Long’ - Recorded 11.1.87. Transmitted 2.2.87.

Green Fingers
Bring Me The Head Of The Preacherman
Sweetest Chill
Land's End
Apollo Theatre, Oxford ‘In Concert’ - Recorded 14.11.85.

Disc 3

92 Degrees
Pulled to Bits
Happy House
Cities in Dust
Apollo Theatre, Oxford ‘In Concert’ - Recorded 14.11.85.

The Last Beat Of My Heart
The Killing Jar
This Wheel’s On Fire
Something Blue
Rawhead And Bloody Bones
Hong Kong Garden
Royal Albert Hall, London- Recorded 12.9.88.

Disc 4 DVD

Metal Postcard
Jigsaw Feeling
The Old Grey Whistle Test 07/11/1978

Playground Twist
Top Of The Pops: 12/07/1979

Love in a Void
Regal Zone
Something Else 03/11/1979

Happy House
Top Of The Pops Date: 10/04/1980

Something Else: 15/12/1980

Arabian Knights
Night Shift
But Not Them
Voodoo Dolly
Eve White, Eve Black
Rock Goes To College: 09/03/1981

Top Of The Pops 04/06/1981

Top Of The Pops Date: 03/06/1982

Painted Bird
The Old Grey Whistle Test 12/11/1982

Oxford Road Show 03/12/1982

Dear Prudence
Top Of The Pops 29/09/1983

Dear Prudence
Top of the Pops 29/12/83

Swimming Horses
Top Of The Pops 29/03/1984

Cities in Dust
Lands End
The Old Grey Whistle Test Date: 29/10/1985

This Wheel's on Fire
Top Of The Pops 22/01/1987

Top Of The Pops 28/07/1988

Kiss Them For Me
Top Of The Pops 30/05/1991

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Not in the mood. I want things. Other people have them. Fuck off.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


bored. bored. bored. and might I add, to tears!

And yet I still picked it up after work today. I needed something in my hands. Tube journeys longer than an hour can be vicious, you know?

And now War is like 'oh we're broke as jokes so we're moving from a bi-monthly to a quarterly; have your say. what do you think?' WHAT DO I THINK?! Don't give me a survey; give me a magazine (yes, pdf's are fine until you get a firm footing). I like you! I want to write for you and make money off of you! We were going to be a team! We were going to knock those botox bitch monthlies out of the park! Why'd you do it? You show up with all this hedonistic glossy glory, all tempting me and shit, and you got all up in there. And now it's're like...pulling out at the wrong time, yuh know? 3 times a year? Gosh damn!

In that case, I'm beyond happy that this came in the mail for me today.

Also, I was going to surprise my friend with the first ever copy of the Love mag because she had been having a 'desperately seeking' moment with it and was in shambles at the fact that SOME PEOPLE are privileged enough to have free copies shipped to them by Conde Nast crew (check my friend's comments to see who lol), but I found out that she got one today anyway so I will be selling that as well next month in case you missed out on it and want to start a collection. It's an awfully good mag (Pam Hogg, Iggy Pop, gorgeous malnourished punk kid models in Rob London skin tight catsuits et al). I can't be assed to start collecting it yearly because I'll be all over the world once June hits (yeah, I know, that sounded very asshole-ish but it's only the truth - L.A., Abu Dhabi and Trinidad..possibly NY along the way).

Just came back from a nibble with Mistress Ivy. This is a munch. So you can guess what a nibble is...Very nice bunch. Is anyone going to the Crimson launch?


Bitches, this shit is up! Best interview I've ever done. Jesse is such a pleasure to talk to and is totally my kinda babe. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I write there now, huh? Well, there ya go.


September 2009. Sooo fricking looking forward to this. I am forever grateful to Skin Two for having me accidentally fall in love with Stephen while interning there. I already talked about it, but here's a quick review I wrote up of one of his books (which is sooo good - even if you're not into erotica - which I kind of am not).

I wanted to tell you about another writer I am interested in exploring but I fucking forgot her name!

I'm also having a hip problem...Goodnight.


One of my favourite videos. I love Stop Motion. HEY! You know what this reminds me of??


Cool shit on Cobra (whose show was this?), nothing new; been working. Finished Fear and Loathing on the train home today. Yeah, great, major narcotics exhibition. But I'm feeling the 'Gonzo' style of writing (like, for real, what the hell was Gonzo anyways? Most of his friends were pretty identifiable - frog, pig, falcon, French homosexual chef...). Anyways, that's pretty much how I like to do my writing - fact battling it out with fiction in the same ring. Speaking of writing, I am working on some cool shit at the moment, so watch this space.

Went to visit a friend out here I haven't seen in like a whole year. FINALLY! It wasn't only a necessity to visit because she had a suitcase and burberry bag of my stuff under her bed since last summer, but also because she was like my first ever real friend out here (if you don't count virginity stealers cum boyfriends like Panda). I bought Cava and tiramisu and bitched and nagged and she cooked me a wicked salmon dinner, and I wish I could've stayed the night as we'd planned but I had work the next day. I think it's so funny finally getting my hands on my shit, excitedly clawing through it and reminiscing, then having to sell it all a month later. Anyways, thank fuck anyways, because in it was my hairdryer, all this great DIY arts and crafts stuff I am going to need next month, an amazing gold dress I will probably wear to our uni's summer ball (yeah, my friends won't let me skip this because I'm already ditching graduation), and this awesome silver miniature shopping cart I bought in Camden way back (I shall be selling this too!).

I'm hungry.

Work again tomorrow, and then may meet Mistress Ivy to kick off our one-on-one yoga sessions. I will probably just spend the night at hers as well because I've got to go pester the campus clinic for more 'fuck me, it's safe' pills, and also to hole myself up in the lrc for a bit to remind myself that I have major university work due on May 1st, despite the fact that if I left Uni now and never graduated, I would be fine because my career's pretty much started. Wish I were that rebellious academically, but alas, no. Been an honour student all my life (except for that time...but yeah, it's not my fault depression back-handed me just then, plus I just needed to NOT be studying at an all girl's convent with no arts on their curriculum - cue see Kara writing short stories in the pews of the main hall while skipping O'level Chemistry - true).

What the FUCK am I wearing to work today?! I'M SO HUNGRY, OH MY GOD.