Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This is, by far, one of the coolest things I would want to plaster EVERYwhere. This really talented guy I just dug up through a myriad of other graves (blogs) designed it for the merch for this band called Tournament. If only I knew of them, and worshipped them to my very core, the idea would seem feasible. No harm in checking them out though; which leads me to another pondering; if only I knew where I could hear some of their stuff. Anyway, check out Orin Brecht here for more cool sketches and designs.
P.S. Upon viewing this post 'post posting' I realised the hair is crawling with letters. I really like that. I summon Orin Brecht to like...come do the decor for my seedy dorm room this year. Mt. Clare is the shittiest most uninspiring hall in Hall of University Shame existence.
P.S.S. So, now that I think about it, maybe this blog title should be read the other way round, but fuck that, it's a killer Blue Oyster Cult line and you just can't mess with that stuff.


Orin Brecht said...

HA! I was bored at work and googling my name and came across this. Thanks for digging it! By the way, the letters in the hair spell out TOURNAMENT over and over. And here is a link to them, they're awesome and good friends of mine:

Kara said...

LOL loves it! Hi Orin! So cool that you found this. yuh kno, it's still totally one of my fav. images. SO good! and ya, i realised that about the letters later.

definitely gonna check out tournament later. thanx.

sorry to hear that ur bored at work. hope it brightens up.