Thursday, September 11, 2008


Fall semester awaits...

I love how both my London stay-in-groan-and-work look and London come-fuck-me-and-play look have a glass of red in them.

N.B. Panda and I stayed up all morning/night (timezone technicalities) discussing what our apartment in San Francisco would look like (think of a cosmopolitan montage of The Selby with a generous helping of dirt-fucking-poor). At some point, us best babes would like to move in together and have more wicked times up in Cali; one slacking off screenwriter/director and one snoozing freelance writer/novelist. Let's see who brings home the bacon first. So, I guess what this random tangent means is that we're friends again. yayness full stop.

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Euphemism said...

Glad you and Panda are doing well now. Tired of him calling me to vent.