Sunday, August 31, 2008


So I know he had my best interests at heart, but Panda goes and messages me on Facebook saying:
"Oh crap.. The map shows that the hurricane is partially hitting FLA. I hope you have a safe flight tomorrow."

So if Flight Oh-My-Fucking-God-We're-Chillin'-In-The-Air-With-Gustav doesn't make it to JFK today, can you guys send this picture to news broadcasters and the like? I think I look quite fetching, which is rare. Also tell them how much of an epic blogger I was. Also, I fuckin' love you man.

Otherwise, see ya in NYC!


So..basically the episode in Season 5 where Carrie Bradshaw decides that she isn't single but is actually courting New York City got me to thinking about dreary old London. And I realised, that it isn't dreary at all. But thinking of having to leave it in a year's time when I graduate with a BA and my VISA expires makes ME dreary. I'm too young to leave London. This is fucking ridiculous. Who leaves London at 20?

A Masters maybe?

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Panda: So why'd you call it 'A Dirty Word' anyways?
Me:'s a line in a Nirvana song that sort of stuck. I guess it also refers to the trashy banter on the blog itself. OMG! You just gave me another blogpost.

So, last night I had this innappropriate dream about the Almighty Grunge Lord Kurt Cobain. I was dressing with some friends for a rock gig somewhere in Trinidad. We were going all out with our clothes. I picked up my favourite oversized plaid shirt to wear over my black mini bandage dress with combat boots. Sweet. Dude. Then we leave the house and are walking through these back alleys that look like London's Soho. Then there he is. Kurt Cobain in a wifebeater. He's looking at me all enraged and is like,
"You're wearing my shirt. There it is. Gimme back my shirt, bitch! That's my fucking shirt! GET THAT FUCKER!"
Then this uber scary high speed chase ensues. I can't remember the rest but he was gaining on me in the most uncharacteristic of ways, nearly ripping his/my(?) shirt and all. I was screaming.
Somewhere just before waking up I ended up stabbing to death a midgit doll that looked like Stu from Family Guy with a small pair of silver scissors. He wanted the shirt too I guess.


That party was heights.
So, this pic of me is beyond crash, but hey, I drank gallons. Panda and I found this sweet ass pile of Agent Provocateur goodies all boxed and waiting to be in an L.A. magazine photoshoot at T-Mac's friend's house where the party continued after clubbing at Play. Naturally, we felt compelled to snap some shots with this Swarovski studded whip before making a run for it. Sorry, dude!

P.S. Corona Light tastes nothing like Corona, hence sucks balls.


Happy Birthday T-Mac!


Walking around Fullerton on that God Awful day with the money catastrophe, Panda and I stumbled upon some epic art work at the Hibbleton gallery.
My faves -

Ryan Ward

and Scott Lee (although his website doesn't do him justice).
There's an exhibition on called the Unpretentious Art Party #1. We thought we missed it but apparently it runs 'til August 31st. Yah. That'll be 'til tomorrow. So check it out if you're in the area.
Jason Jone's stuff is cute too. Can't believe the Matryoshka monster dolls didn't sell (according to his blog).


Impromptu photoshoot at Panda's Pad.

I miss you.


Some of my current Everywhere Wears I bought in the U.S. before I ran out of money...
Heels - Macy's
Sunglasses - Claire's
Quilted bags- two largest from Forever 21, small blue from random London thrift Store, Chanel Wallet from random Abu Dhabi store
Current favourite bra in the whole world - Victoria Secret

And awesome shiny pitch black feather earrings - Claire's


I am so familiar with LAX airport now. I spent the night rolling on the floor near Gate 48B and dodging the vacuuming Latina. When the noise was too much to bear, I crankily rose from my foetal position and sunk into my crushed In' N' Out burger. I lived there. I dished out a payphone number to my peeps and parentals, and kept an ear open for its ring through the night.

So yesterday I failed to make it onto 3 consecutive flights to Miami, between the hours of 1pm and midnight. Finally, some seats freed up on the 6am flight and now I'm here; a day too late to meet up with the Fam, and chilling in a room at my grandparents' house in Pembroke Pines.

There's more.

I was supposed to meet up with my parents right? To catch a Delta flight to NY, then onwards from there back the Dubai. But, like I said, day too late, ticket expired, no ticket, stuck. Well, same thing happened to my family. Their flight to NY got cancelled due to the hurricane. So their tickets expired too! So then, dad buys them all new tickets to NY that somehow pass through Atlanta, they get there next day. Now what's left is to get me a new ticket to meet them before our next takeoff date to Dubai on the 1st of Sept. Not to mention they were overweight. Not to mention either that tomorrow is my parent's anniversary! Sheesh, huh? Hope they can grab a romantic evening in Little Italy away from the other kids. Dangle room service and the TV remote in front of them and they should be able to escape for a couple hours me thinks.

Anyways, all before my flight drama out of L.A., I found myself completely stark naked broke there. It happened ironically on the day I was planning to buy my best friend Panda a late birthday present. We were in Fullerton, promenading the picturesqe Palo Alto-esque streets when I came across a Vintage Store armed to the teeth with goodies! There, I spent what I didn't know was my last $100, with a quick reassurance to Panda, "Don't worry. I'll still get you your Call of Duty game. We just gotta head over to an ATM first."

Well, ATM had nothing in my name but $40. Immediately, I figured theft over my own carelessness in spending and managing money. But this time, it turns out it was the latter. I won't get into all the dramatic specifics with my account's Standing Order, my dad pulling a fast one on me, bawling, bawling, overseas HSBC calls on Panda's cellphone (best friend for life who's always got my back. IOU + mwah x 100 = 1 big ball of juicy love sinigang mix), becoming a 5 minute beggar, Buffalo Exchange and more bawling. But you get the idea. ATTENTION SEEKING, ALCOHOLIC FASHIONISTA SUDDENLY BROKE IN LOS ANGELES. YES.

Regardless, I had a blast, and (dare I say it) would do it again.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Funny. From this website. I fucking hate those little bluetooth shits. Anyway, my best friend Panda is gonna love this.


Hot damn!


I'm in, Anacrime, L.A. My underaged fake ID works. Yes, I said that. I really need to charge my fucking camera. In the meantime, read this.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Last you heard of me I was off to Beijing for a couple days with the Parental Unit. It changed everything.

Upon landing home once more I felt my life needed a face lift. I am now back on Prozac and the effects are devastatingly impressive. My life has this sudden all-welcoming meaningfulness and clarity that has been missing for several years. And, as of yesterday, I have been practicing smarter drinking habits (trust me, if you knew me, you'd give me three piercing cheers), with not only alcohol, but also with water. Not to mention I've been reading like a bionic woman. So it goes without saying that with a new mind comes a new blog. Non?

So this is it. Still a work in progress, but present. Finally. I thought the last blog was getting a little pretentious and was too overdone, so no more bullshit beyond this point. And welcome.