Sunday, September 28, 2008


I'm pretty inspired by these looks by Emma Cook for her A/W 08 collection; and at a great time too. So many outfits in my head and so few classes per week (only 2).

Not much posting tonight because I am reading like a fiend trying to finish this novel for class on Monday. I arrived in the UK this afternoon, moved into this ridonculously large dorm room (I can pretty much host a cartwheeling party in here), and am just trying to stay warm while eating some pizza.
I love this room, even though the heater doesn't seem to be working and my door needs a new lock. Our block is a little too quiet for comfort but weird leather-jacketed urchin Paul from downstairs says not everyone's moved in yet. I bought a few essentials today like, oh, yuh know, sheet sets, towel, Starbucks.. (LOVE LOVE LOVE ICED CHAI TEA LATTES!) I also picked up a really awesome new fuzzy black bathrobe (since it's shared baths and I have to look decent) and a deep purple duvet cover.
There's a big hole in the door of the room opposite mine the size of a doorknob. Just glad no one is occupying it. I haven't really run into much of anyone so far but it seems a lot of people in my block are fond of leather jackets and 'Parental Advisory' posters, making this either a really sore fit or a match made in heaven. Could really be either. We'll soon find out!

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