Monday, March 30, 2009


Had to take the last post further as I've been listening to the digital suicide demo all morning and I visited their online store. I need a credit card:
Swarovski crystaled megaphone: $2500: I actually nearly stole Lo's at the Hoxton gig.
Revolution X Alice in Wonderland Blacklight Poster: $5: (OF COURSE IT'S SOLD OUT! OF COURSE!)

Metallic Pink Laser Gun : $5: I just reminds me of the days when I thought Pink Ranger was a goddess in the right colours...and a tight suit. Didn't you think she was too? Don't lie. As far as other weapons go, I really think they should be selling the dagger spotted on their Switchblade EP/ CD Digipak, and here on The Selby.

'That' tshirt: $20 : Alright, I decided to just fuckin get the tattoo, damnit. Four words on your inner arm ain't nothing.

Obviously, a tank: $15 : yes full stop

I SO have an essay to edit and hand in. My mom called me yesterday. Good to hear from ya. This week is:
Monday: Business of Writing portfolio hand-in; Yoga (and Mistress Ivy might come with) (and the yoga teacher told me a girl farted in the last class when she was putting her leg behind her head)
Tuesday: Work at Yoga mag
Wednesday: Work at Yoga mag; meeting le Vampyre for dinner at Wagamama, then to his for a movie night with Mistress Ivy
Thursday: Feedback with lecturer on my novel; dad flying in so might meet him for dinner; Hoodoo Voodoo party at South London Pacific!!!
Friday: Work at Yoga Mag
See you on the other side.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


SICK.AS.FUCK. I love how HEARTSREVOLUTION has completely blown up all over the place. Their Heartschallenger van is gonna be driving around NYC giving out all kinds of cool Topshop shit in anticipation of the new store opening on April 2nd there. Check it out if you're in the area.

I don't know how many people on here transferred from my old blog, but remember I met HEARTSREVOLUTION way back? One day, possibly a year ago, I heard of them through a post on The Cobrasnake. They were doing a small Europe tour. Went over to their Myspace page and have been totally all over it ever since (now, since I haven't been following them for a while, complete obsession is back). I dragged Becks along with me to see them at Madame Jojo's and saw Lo/Leyla in a corner on the floor, blatantly updating the band's Myspace page on her Mac. 'I fell in love' doesn't even describe it. Anyway, I got so excited to hear them I just decided to go up to her and ask her when they were going on. She looked at me sheepishly and said they had already performed. But she put me on the guestlist for their next gig two nights later at Hoxton Square Bar, and they killed it. Was awesome. She also said she liked my shoes.

Would be awesome if they came back to LDN soon before I leave for good in the next two and half months, but I will be in the US for most of the summer anyway, so I may get to see them.

I also cant't believe that I forgot to post about spotting them on The Selby, and that was like eons ago. Much apology.

Anyways, did you check out their page yet?! Click on the link. They've got all kinds of cool shit now. A year ago I pined over their Choose Your Own Adventure t-shirts (and am thinking of getting a tattoo of that slogan), and my mind hasn't changed about that (about the shirt). Will probably ask the boyf to order me one with his very handy credit card; something I just might need to get my hands on soon.

Speaking of the boyf and gifts, he totally spontaneously decided to cheer me up last night by purchasing this awesome out of print picture book I've been wanting forever; which basically means I want to propose to him (but been there, done that).


Said Mistress Ivy on le Vampyre's wall:

i dont think I should pierce you in class today, i think liz would be too distressed! but one evening when im not dying of a migrane if your up for it would love to stick some needles in you! :-)

I truly love the company I keep. Such a shame I have to leave these two soon. But the sun is oh so bright on the other side. Can' Sat talking with them into the wee hours this morning, sipping on diluted Captain Morgan. Had just come from a particularly shit night out in Clapham with some girls in Primark dresses, tiaras and custom made sashes, and my old friend decked out in some tight-ass gear as Superman. While sipping on an Espresso Martini, I glared at the guy who was smiling at me over the shoulder of one of the tiara'd girls, while he whispered in her ear and she giggled. I heard something along the lines of:

Sleazy Man:
blahblahblahblah girl on girl action blahblahblahblah sexy. That girl over there is really cute.
Acquaintance: I know that girl. She came with us.
Sleazy Man: Well, she's really cute. Call her over.
A: Yeah she's cute but blahblahblahblah... (it all got swallowed up when Kings of Leon started to play)

Later on when she and her friend left us to keep the night from ending with two other guys, I commented on how stupidly trashy they were acting, and that made my friend the Vegan upset. She wasn't really talking to me after that, which is fine; I was ready and setting off to go home anyway. mentioned, ended up in the company of le Vampyre and Mistress Ivy.

Then at around 6, I climbed a wall (not sure why...) and ran home in one of le Vampyre's coats. It started raining and it felt really good spattering my face as I ran. I love how some people think that if they run in the rain they will get less wet, but really you're gathering more and more water on your body the faster you run.

OH YEAH! Watched Pom Poko the other night at le Vampyre's: found it hard to swallow (ha- swallow- good word choice) that raccoon testicles play an integral part of the film; the creator really went all out making good use of them. They transformed into huge swollen weapons, blankets and parachutes etc...but it's such a cool fucking movie.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


This at 6:30am. Made an appearance at the Skin Two Yearbook Launch with Mistress Ivy. Slurped on coke and tap water because I've still been drugging up and losing my days to the flu. This photographer lady wouldn't leave me alone and told me to sit on my boss's lap for a photo and pout (my boss is the editor of skin two). After that, she took a few of me with Ivy on the pole on the middle of the dance floor (Ivy is good with these- see her twirl), and then she wanted me alone posing skankily (did I just make that up?) on a lone chair on the stage. Not looking forward to the outcome. But this beautiful beautiful asian boy works there. What a beauty. Glad I have my own waiting for me in L.A. We left quite early though with McDonald's fries on the mind and teetered around Hammersmith station in want of the loo (which was closed). So we went outside to look for a corner that didn't already house a sleeping vagrant, then we crouched. Pretty sure the man strolling past innocently on a breezy evening out saw Ivy's bits while she apologised through giggles. He was staring at us completely unsure of what was going on, until she said 'there were no loos anywhere so...', then he wrenched his head forwards and walked on briskly, apologising with hand gestures. Still pissing. Some guys who clean at night were approaching with these big heavy cleaning carts so we hurried on, screaming and running away very slowly in deadly heels...while our abandoned piss trickled and formed one long river together along the cobbled walk. My boyfriend said 'ew'. I say friendship.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Remember that Brazilian pop TV show Xuxa? Or was that just me..? Anyway, this outfit reminds me of an Alexander McQueen piece I once ogled. And those boots (and all the Robin Hood type boots). Don't get me started on those boots. I wish girls in London would get over them already. They're the vilest thing that ever set up shop on the high street and need to be collected and incinerated before we April.

The last post sucked so I deleted it. I think I am getting jaded by the blogosphere and I'm too busy trying to figure out what my own blog is about. It's just all over the place, and I suppose, that makes sense. Your personal blog should reflect you, and 'all over the place' is an ideal way to describe me, but I take this thing way too seriously. And then again...that makes sense too. I take life way too seriously too. But I hate when people say that IS SOME SERIOUS SHIT! PLEASE DO TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! No, really, think about that. It's serious. Fuck.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


TO FUCKING DIE FOR! From here. Bitch is talented. Pay her a visit.

I am sick as a dog. It is nearly 7am; just waiting for the little shop down the street to wrench itself open so I can buy some sort of drug and K.O. back into bed. I should not (what I really want to say is I won't) be blogging again until I have 1200 words of my Business of Writing essay down the chute, and until the two bar reviews I am working on are complete. I cannot even describe to you how I feel right now. OHMYGOD, I gotta go.

Friday, March 20, 2009


I just thought it extremely funny that pastry chef pierre herme has this up on his wall at home (from the Selby). I hope that when I 'make it' I don't start framing manuscripts and Hanif Kureishi's latest novels.

You know what else I find funny? That I just realised that I mentioned (the home of Vogue) in a Tatler interview. That explains the dead air between us all these past weeks. Luckily, I don't look back when it comes to these fashion mag jokers, and am fast on the back of some other editor.

This day so far has been a series of diversions. Forever trying to avoid this Business of Writing essay, I fooled myself into believing that going to Starbucks for breakfast would give me that needed stamp of approval to get on with the day's tasks. So I left the house (can I add, looking like shit?)

Policeman: Please walk some other way ma'am. This is a crime scene.
Me: Okay
(story of my neighbourhood)

Me: Excuse me, where are we going?
Busdriver: This bus has been diverted, ma'am.
Me: Are you not telling me where we're going because you've hijacked the bus and are luring us all to our deaths? I'm the youngest person on here and Dazed and Confused just told me they might give me some work experience, which means, I'm at the start of something here. Can I get off?
(haha- not really. but the busdriver SO didn't tell us the route changed, not that all the placid smiling geriatrics even noticed - for some reason our university is smack in the middle of a haven for old/chavvy/lunatic people)

Anyways, regardless of the route change, there's a Starbucks practically stationed outside every bus stop in town, so lucky me. Unlucky for everybody else. This bus diverted and chose to ignore the entire Dover House Road due to road works. And Dover House Road is disgustingly long, dude....And for some reason, only old people live on it. And for some reason, this bus is the ONLY bus that travels up and down it. And for some reason this road ONLY has houses on it; not one little shop, so it's like they give all these old people freedom passes to use for the bus but make sure they have to keep using the fuck out of it. Is it some kind of higher plan to keep London's old people on the go and out of our hair quicker due to heart failure? I don't know...stay tuned...

Got my iced chai tea latte and granola bar (<---this shit is good), home now, went back outside to see if checking for mail at the front desk would make me motivated when I got back inside. Didn't. Blogging? We'll see. But I doubt it. Facebook had nothing new for me by the time I came back, so I'm thinking I should take a nap to give it some time to gather a couple notifications and a message from my boyfriend maybe...all of which may or may not cheer me up/motivate me to open up that dreaded essay document.

Reviewing a bar/club in Richmond tonight and may meet some friends there. This job really is a double-edged sword. I get paid to go out but who wants to leave the house when you look and feel like Satan's asshole? There are just some nights when you know no guys are gonna approach you and offer to buy you drinks. Tonight is gonna be one, thus forcing me to open my wallet for a change. And then you know what? Compensation I get for reviewing the bar would only be me getting back the money I had to spend on my own goddamned drinks.

You know what else is a double-edged sword? Blogging. It's liberating, it gets all the toxic junk out of the membrane, it may or may not be writing practice and build my confidence as a writer, but then someone's just gonna come along and say 'hey, I read your blog and...' and then you go through the last couple posts you wrote, picturing them at home reading it, and it just...all comes crashing down. Like oh my god...why are you reading about my love for bondage, acquaintance? The last time you saw me I wore a frilly top and smiled bashfully. On a more serious disadvantage, I could never get a job with a magazine in this town ever again, the way I go slashing them to shreds on here. Luckily, I don't plan to be a part of this town for much longer.

For some reason Panda goes ballistic when I say it (because he takes it personally) but today I hate my life (sorry, luv).

Thursday, March 19, 2009


All over this shit these days from Crabtree and Evelyn; in the air, on my sheets, in my wardrobe, in my hair; not kidding. Bought a bottle yesterday. Rose Water is my new thing this summer. Maybe I'll start drinking it. I also like Boot's Damask Rose stuff.


I'm spitting out some champs I've been collecting from - Fall RTW 2009; duh.

(it's those goddamned gold-flecked skinnies!)



(very blow-up fuck doll and fetish but this is my homeboy for life - all in the DETAILZZZ)



Obviously there are shitloads more to come. Hope this tides you over.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


You can't tell me this shit doesn't look amazing! (click the picky for details and awesome sexy wexy music and pics).

Okay, so I lied. I said this next post would be some awesome scans from War, Plastique and i-D. Toughen up. Will post some other time.

I changed my layout and I haven't been around. Is this layout cooler or should I take a step back?

Real busy as per usual, writing up reviews on punk bars in Kingston and essays on why the novel is or isn't dead, according to V.S. Naipaul.

Harper's also just emailed me and said they will keep my CV on file for a while.

I really wanna go to that party...Becks and Fi better not fail me.

Slow as ever, I'm crawling through and saving tons of uber fashion images from of the Fall RTW '09 variety. Gonna make a killer fashion comeback on here with them in a hot fuckin' minute.

Le Vampyre had a 2 for 1 ticket for the cinema so he took me to see Watchmen (BLUE PENIS!!!) and I had a really good time despite the blood-crawling rendition of Hallelujah (which I was told was the original by my cousin who looked at me in dismay for not knowing that- sorry, but Jeff Buckley topped it) played while the two lesser superheros fucked (four eyes and Megan Fox wannabe/neverbe). Ugh. Makes me shiver all over again. Was going to get Panda the graphic novel for his birthday in July but he said he read it in one standing at his local store when he was younger. Poo. He says I can still get it but where's the fun in that? My present giving history for this guy is so shitty it's not funny.

So it's been reported that my ex made it out of Trinidad and Tobago alive this past week because his status has changed on Facebook since. He says I forgot to tell him he would be bitten alive by mosquitoes. Well, love, you decided to sleep in a car for a week. But glad he had only good news after that and got his scuba on.

Went to Wagamama today for proper nourishment (the kind where my hands are not involved) to try to wrench myself from the grip of a vicious headache. They do amazing hot chocolate now, so I had that with my Amai Udon and just stared out the window, looking back at all the people on the double decker buses blatantly watching me eat. I started reading the first sentence of this book I'm citing in my essay called 'A History of Reading'. My brain started complaining so I closed it and put it away. My favourite waitress there and I were both having shitty days so she gave me some free green tea (Yeah, I know it's free in the US regardless- shut up) and I gave her a good tip.

I'm attempting to give my hair an interesting curly look but I don't have curlers and I don't feel like frying its luscious life away with my GHD straightener tonight so I rolled it with some felt tip markers. Looks kinda funky. Red, Purple, Yellow, Orange and Green.

After the movie, Le Vampyre and I went to the Belfry (uni bar) and got our faces painted with 4 leaf clovers by my Burmese friend. We played balloon volleyball next to the speakers while my bouncer/yoga teacher friend looked on amused. The Norweigan asked me if my boyfriend and I broke up yet and told me to come see his band play in Camden this Thursday. I told him to find me on facebook and try to persuade me from there. He doesn't know my name. A bunch of us drank £1 pints of Carling and baby guinness shots (kahlua with a film of Bailey's on top- cutest thing ever!?). Then The Vegan and I attempted to watch Ichi the Killer back at Le Vampyre's, with cups of microwaveable noodles and rose wine but we didn't finish and scheduled it for another night; some time after the gruelling days ahead that lead to hand-in of our third year specifics - March 31st. I had a bus pass so instead of walking the 15 minutes home around 2, I favoured laziness and waited. Then the Indian Italian showed up in his red Honda Civic with white stripes, made a U-Turn and gave me a ride back to my campus, where he too lives. He had just come from a strip club with friends. They got a deal with Jaguar and are now rolling in £10,000 a month each so he spent the night throwing money at the strippers. He doesn't drink. He was high as a kite though.

After that, I came home and cooked tuna steak and ate it and went to bed. I woke up at some ridiculous time before 7am and talked to Sebastian and Panda online. Panda and I had a really pleasant conversation this time, which is sort of a first for us these days. Film critiquing, hair loss, the pros and cons of eating sushi off of Megan Fox, witty banter et al. I really liked it. And Sebastian sent me some solo tracks he's working on, and I really dug them. I'm hoping he and Panda can get together and make music videos as they're both in L.A. and Panda's working more and more directing some himself. I love being around on set when he's directing, watching him concentrate on lighting and directing people around, and I like watching his focus as he studies what's on the camera. I had fun on my first trip out to see him running alongside this kid with a bounce card. They were filming him running.

I forgot to mention that I really liked the first Skin Two Yearbook that was launched this month. I loved the editorial by Silent View, and have been meaning to post about it on here, to no avail of course. And I am thinking that if I do manage to move out to Cali this year, I'll apply to be their freelance California correspondent. Everyone knows the scene's big as shit in SF, so stoked about that. Still looking forward to the launch party next week even though I'm sure my friend Mistress Ivy is gonna bail on me at the last minute and it'll be me alone in a PVC skirt gargling too many glasses of wine. I would also love to attend the launch night of Club Crimson in April. (ON ANOTHER NOTE: I see that a review of mine was posted recently on this book I really enjoyed; it's one of my favourites books in general; not just in the category of erotica- the guy's good and I hope I can somehow sometime cross paths with him when I'm in SF).

This post is disgustingly long. I hope I'm now exempt of all charges for blog abandonment.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today's a sunny day. Well done, well done. So I have to take advantage of it, not just by taking pictures of oddities in my room, but by actually doing the whole outdoor tra-la-la: walking around with camera, sunglasses, iced Starbucks drink, double decker buses; yup yup. I have a lot of shit to do today though.

It's good to see Kill City in all these rad places (not that I know who the fuck Whitney Port is - and please, don't tell me). Above is me wearing the stained pewter skinnies they sent me. Wearing these I know it's gonna be a good day.

Heading here tonight with a vampire. Not just to review it, but for the live acts as well - whoever they are, I don't care; it's a punk bar and they came all the way from the US for this shit, so fuck it, let's hear it. Haven't been to a small gig in centuries. Come along and say hi! I'm wearing plaid. Okay, that sure as fuck won't set me apart. Better one: I'm black. Oh, and buy me a drink...

Damn, this looks good though too:
PhotobucketAlign Center

I never get tagged to do these shits but as we're bloggers, we like talking about ourselves, hence I'll do it anyway. Our generation is walking around with mirrors in their back pockets.

3 random things about me:
1- I like picking the scabs off recent cuts (likethisoneonmyindexfingerthatjustwon'tfuckingbudge!!!)
2- I read Stephenie Meyer's latest cult vampire books but if I feel the urge to do it in public, I take off the covers
3- I'm thinking I should remove the link to this blog from my Facebook page as so many goddamned relatives keep adding me

P.S. The next post is gonna be some awesome scans from some mags I just bought: War (free), Plastique and i-D


fuck yes x 5. I don't feel like posting. Writing an entire article from scratch, working on and researching another, and then writing 500 words on an academic essay leaves little room for blog tolerance. Plus red wine in excess. Take that. Listening to Rasputina.

Tomorrow: laundry, editing a friend's work, more magazine content and reviewing a punk/ live music venue, hence most likely the rest of the bottle. Kisses.