Saturday, September 20, 2008


I told you about this website maybe half a dozen times. So, here it is; my current addiction, Jack Siegel's photo diary of his friends and other normal-oh-wait-nevermind people in California. It's a pretty extensive archive of goodies, and the constant great weather and half empty Corona bottles just make me go through it even faster. It's like a freeze frame All American Urban Outfitters movie. I even know the characters. the third picture, that's Lucien and Brady (UO model) sharing a moment and a cigarette. And, okay, so what, there's Cory Kennedy. Sad? Fuck you too. Skullset.
Other current addictions:
-80's B movies with sex scenes and bad sexy words cut out of them because it's Arabic TV
-The Smiths
-Jeff Buckley
-Looking for jobs on Gumtree
-Writing articles in my head
-Wakamaru the automaton
-That coat from Zara I must have before it's too late and oh no, I must board the plane now, fuck
-Taking scalding baths and,
-Playing grungy dress-up in my cluttered but well-lit bathroom

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