Friday, July 31, 2009


WAH Magazine (who I also write for from time to time) posted about Patrick Nagel's sick 80's babe illustrations a little while ago, and it looks like they've got some of the prints up around their nail salon/new East London girl 'hang' as well. Good call. I like. A lot. So I just wanted to do a re-post with some of my favourite in the batch from his website.

Bitches are hot. The 2nd picture is my favourite! I want it in my blog header, maybe. PENDING DIBS!

And isn't the use of lyrics from Madonna's 'Who's That Girl?' a smashingly perfect fit for this post? (is this sentence grammatically correct?)


At the same 'Cage the Animals' event I just posted about, I mentioned that there were cute stalls outside selling cool stuff. This one hippie chick Kate Thompson had the most awesome feather creations. After he probably got fed up of me eye-balling her stall from every place I was stationed at at the party, Panda gave in and bought me one of the large feather and bone hair clips. $15. On instinct, I would've gone for the black but I decided a white one would show up more and add a little activity to my usually dark look. SO FUCKING IN LOVE WITH THIS RIGHT NOW! THANK YOU, PANDA!!!

She hasn't sorted out a website or anything yet unfortunately but her shit's pretty so if you're in the LA area, I'm sure she'd love it that someone out there gave you her deets to give her a shout.

Kate Thompson
I'm afraid not too many posts over the next week or so as I'm heading off to Vegas in the morning for like 9 days. This weekend is Panda's pimped out hotel suite birthday party and the weekend after that is a friend's wedding. As for the days in between...getting up close and personal with his fam. I'm not too daunted about it anymore though, even though last time was fucking distressing. 3 years with Panda has me pretty confident about whatever comes my way on this trip. I'm over it.

Have a good weekend!


I have some cool people to tell you about.

So Panda, his house mate F and I went to that 'Cage The Animals' event I posted about at Studio 1444 and had the best time; hands down my best day so far since I've been in LA...minus the last couple grossly inebriated hours of the night (all you can drink beer for $10 at an all day event? no wonder shit got crazy. I turned 8 years old).

When we arrived at 4, it was already under way and this band Cheetahsaurus was on. F had been telling me how good they were and that we shouldn't miss their set. I think they're awesome but the space didn't do their sound any justice. Studio 1444 is a photography studio normally.

OH! This was awesome! Sunny weather usually summons the ice cream trucks but CoolHaus is more than your average. Cookies! ANNNDD everything they give you is edible.

Even the wrapper. And they'll do some mad edible ink advertising for you on them if you want. And I'll eat it for you. Anyways, green tea flavoured anything is my ab favourite these days so I was squealing all over myself when I saw that green tea ice cream was available. And between oatmeal cookies? Yessss!

So check out CoolHaus.
There were little stalls outside selling cute vintage goods/feather creations/food/drink/whatev, that I'd haunt in between sets.
These guys were my fav. They somehow made magic in that awful space and sounded like a really good dream! They're called Intricate Machines. Listen to their song 'What Flood'.

And Avi Buffalo was cute too.

Of course I got my face painted.
And then I just really liked this photo's... 'being' (the one above this paragraph, and below). Panda is a good photographer. He'll probably be the source of most everything I post up here around LA because he's really good and I'm really lazy. We were thinking of challenging Rumi from Fashion Toast and her BF who takes all her amazing photos to a fashion&foto-off but I'm so fucking lazy and hate 80% of the photos taken of me because 85% of the time I think I'm ugly (wah wah wah, I know).

He always documents my drunkapades. The fucker. There's a video too of this and he's talkin to me while I'm trying to calmly go about passing out.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I just really liked this photo. It's Chris Shonting's.
God, last night was crazy.
Pictures soon.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Sippin' Sangria with all kinds of fruit inside while lounging on deck chairs at the house, wearing cut-offs and a Lacuna Coil t-shirt from their show you just saw, and whining about how complicated your life is. Playing tennis before that, then after getting all sweaty and defeated, lapsing into a coma in the pool.

I am still so glad I blew off my graduation ceremony for this. And Panda makes me amazing tofu dinners, Starbucks out here is well versed in my absolute favourite iced green tea lattes that I fell in love with in Beijing and all these fun things keep popping up around the city right in the nick of time to save me from the hazy, sun-dried spell of boredom I would usually have in the middle of summer. I am really going to savour this and appreciate how good I have it because once I touch back down in Abu Dhabi in September, it's all about the 9-5.

Might be checking out some major surfing competition that's sponsored by Hurley at Huntington Beach today, then heading into downtown for Exene's show that I told you about (couldn't go to the opening), then hopefully this:
...then a week in Vegas with Panda's family for his major bday bash and a wedding. Starting to get jitters over the 'f' word.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I may not be as design-tastic and talented as my home girls in the last post, but sometimes I have great ideas too...?

Can't believe it took me this long to post this necklace up. I've kind of been wearing it around London near non-stop since december. Maybe if I weren't so lazy about my wardrobe postings, I would've worn some all-black ensemble with this and snapped a photo for you just so you can get the full essence of how fucking cool this piece can be. Oh well. You guys have imaginations, don't you? I need a photographer.

On another note:
YOU GUYSSSS! WE GRADUATED YESTERDAY!!!! well, you did. I took up a trip to Los Angeles instead (my grandfather is going to kill me). But you guys look so dap. LOVE YOU!


Ji Kim's shorts


Kesh's t-shirts


[but also, why can't I be that talented?]


MAN! So, if you're spitting the kind of cash that can get you to their show and you're in the US, you should really go see The Dead Weather this summer. I told you about them way back, remember?

1 The Dead Weather
July 24,2009
Friday, 8:00 PM
The Fillmore - Detroit,
Detroit, MI
View Tickets
2 The Dead Weather
July 25,2009
Saturday, 7:00 PM
Lifestyle Communities Pavilion- Promowest,
Columbus, OH
View Tickets
3 The Dead Weather
July 28,2009
Tuesday, 7:30 PM
Vic Theater,
Chicago, IL
View Tickets
4 The Dead Weather
July 29,2009
Wednesday, 7:30 PM
Vic Theater,
Chicago, IL
View Tickets
5 The Dead Weather
July 30,2009
Thursday, 7:30 PM
War Memorial Auditorium-TN,
Nashville, TN
View Tickets
6 The Dead Weather
August 17,2009
Monday, 11:59 PM
Ogden Theatre,
Denver, CO
View Tickets
7 The Dead Weather
August 18,2009
Tuesday, 8:00 PM
The Depot,
Salt Lake City, UT
View Tickets
8 The Dead Weather
August 20,2009
Thursday, 8:00 PM
Paramount Theatre-Washington,
Seattle, WA
View Tickets
9 The Dead Weather
August 21,2009
Friday, 8:00 PM
Commodore Ballroom,
Vancouver, BC
View Tickets
10 The Dead Weather
August 22,2009
Saturday, 8:00 PM
Commodore Ballroom,
Vancouver, BC
View Tickets
11 The Dead Weather
August 23,2009
Sunday, 8:00 PM
Roseland Theater,
Portland, OR
View Tickets
12 The Dead Weather
August 25,2009
Tuesday, 8:00 PM
The Wiltern,
Los Angeles, CA
View Tickets
13 The Dead Weather
August 27,2009
Thursday, 7:00 PM
Glass House,
Pomona, CA
View Tickets
14 The Dead Weather
October 03,2009
Saturday, 7:00 PM
House of Blues-New Orleans,
New Orleans, LA
View Tickets


Panda: what are you doing?
Me: I'm looking for a title for this post
Panda: Put 'Panda Needs a Massage'

EXENE CERVENKA and WAYNE WHITE We’re Not the Jet Set Paintings, Collages and Sculptures July 25 – September 5, 2009 Opening reception Saturday July 25th, 5 -8pm

Western Project is proud to present Exene Cervenka and Wayne White in We’re Not the Jet Set. Each a long time resident of Los Angeles, they address contemporary America with an urban sensibility and found objects. Wayne White paints language on vintage framed lithographs, recalling the intelligence and incisive bite of Mark Twain. Exene Cervenka, lead singer of the seminal punk band X, collages remnants from her travels across the US: photographs, children’s books, bullet boxes and other familiar pieces of Americana. Both artists point to a shared history – a Pop culture and cosmology illuminating the light and darker aspects of our society. Cervenka unabashedly explores desire and consequence; White’s paintings are colloquial tidbits, humorous tales of knowledge. Both are after a kind of wisdom within the shadows of human nature. While clearly in the lineage of Marcel Duchamp and Joseph Cornell, these artists cut to the chase about who we are and what we are up to.

Exene Cervenka is currently touring with X, and included in Celestial Ash; Assemblages From Los Angeles, curated by Kristine McKenna at the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles. Wayne White will open a solo sculpture exhibition at Rice University in September and is the subject of the recent release: Wayne White: Maybe Now I’ll Get the Respect I So Richly Deserve, edited and designed by Todd Oldham and published by Ammo Books, LLC.

For further information and images, please contact the gallery at 310-838-0609 or or

Since I can't see their show tomorrow, I'm going to get on hands and knees and do whatever it takes to get Panda to take me to the opening of this. K, bye, massage time.


I had gotten an invite to the Grand Opening party of the new Kill City store on Melrose wayy back and couldn't attend because I was in London, obv. That sucked. Now that I'm in town for a while, I finally got a chance to stop by and check it out. It's beyond fucking fantastic. I get stupid over their jeans because I've never had jeans fit me so perfectly in any other brand and so everytime they're due to send me free shit, I always go for a pair of Junkie-fit skinnies, but when you go there, check out the jewelry too!

And I met this super helpful employee there whose name I forgot, but she was so cool and so nice and totally nailed a pair of shredded black KC skinnies. I told her about my blog and she wrote it down to check out, so this is just a 'hello lovely and welcome to the site' shout-out in case you actually did get a chance to browse me.

Here are a couple things I REALLY wouldn't fucking mind owning from KC:

If you read two posts back, you'd know I was into the acid wash look right now, so yes, these jeans

No explanation here

fucking sick variation of previous

Sweet imagery. I like owls...

And the boyf wants this (which I'd definitely be borrowing once or twice)

..and there was a handful of other stuff, of course, so check it!
They're actually looking for a style intern (even though I didn't just graduate from design school) , as well as conspirators for their blog, which I am of course tackling because who wouldn't want more of their rad clothing?? KC, PICK ME!!!!!