Friday, February 27, 2009


3 looks from Halston Fall '09 that I am currently ogling, saving the best for last. Dying to get my hands on that long black coat, and am determined to find long 'flowy' black things this year. I will be scouring charity shops from next week for a long slinky plain black skirt and/or a similar plain black dress, both of which I will be wearing with my new Vans and/or my silver flat Grecian sandals from Zara (depending on the occasion), and topping it off with one of Kate's unbelievably gorgeous zipper accessories. Of course the only way to secure this entire look is if after proposing the interview I just did with Kate it gets a deal with a mag, and provides me with a handsome fee. More on that some other time.

ALSO, that mag I posted a few posts back, with Beth Ditto on the front that Fi's upchuck reflexes are having trouble with, it's amazing. It's new. It's a bi-annual creation from Conde Nast that I will be getting my hands on every single time. It's a hippie splattering of everything to love right now; basically it's like Conde Nast has been hiding this long lost twin sister whose really into structured chaos and beautiful mess and doesn't have a flag pole up her ass. Love is my new favourite. For sure. In this first edition, you'll find: design scenesters from St. Martin's College of Art and Design, Beth Ditto's tits and unshaved arm pits obviously, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott's beautiful candid nightclub pictures of Kate Moss out of her element and obviously drugged, models who don't look like models who are the models of today, Jethro in a killer Rob London latex one piece, Iggy Pop being a retard in Balmain, Amazing editorial featuring Pam Hogg's winning shiny rock-star jumpsuits (think The Darkness and Velvet Goldmine), Sofia Coppola, Pixie Geldof, Courtney Love blah blah...all with cool unfazed photography. I want to be a part of this.


A magazine called me up today, and after a successful interview, I was turned down because I showed up there black.


Not really. But I suppose what I'm about to tell you is similar. My mother will be pleased (sarcasm) to know that already at 20, I am lessening my chances in the magazine writing world because I am published with a fetish/sex magazine.

My Yoga Magazine interview on Wednesday was the best writing job interview I've had in my short non-existent writing career. Today, while writing up a review for 'Best Sex Writing 2009', I got the call from Yoga (literally half an hour ago) with the decision ringing away on the other end. She said, if I stop writing for Skin Two, I can get work experience with them. Sex apparently is not something cool to be associated with if you're going to write about yoga/health/spirituality; not even for editorial work experience. Pardon me for assuming that yogis and spiritualists had sexual organs and desires.

Well I just got offered to write for Skin literally a month and a half ago as soon as I came back from Christmas Break. Tim had missed me. Being in Abu Dhabi, I couldn't even offer to take some of the sex merch away with me to work on because they would be confiscated, and I castigated, by authorities and my father (like no kidding - when I interned at a mag in Dubai, we were quietly passing around a pirated copy of Sex and the City taking turns watching it because the country was in limbo about whether or not to bring the movie over).

I said yes to Tim's offer, even though writing for their website meant they couldn't pay me. I've been on the wildest journey of self-discovery working with Skin Two, and I have yet to find a job that's more fun. So I told Yoga (in the nicest way possible because I really respect them) that I wasn't going to quit that anytime soon. It started out as me grabbing any kind of magazine work experience I could get, and it turned into an honest job associated with some of the most broad-minded and warm people I've ever met; and I quickly accumulated an impressive portfolio. Skin Two has changed my life, both sexually and mentally, as well as professionally (career wise). They are the ones who gave me a platform to jump off of with my writing career, and for that I am absolutely forever grateful. Home girl at the Yoga office even admired my writing talent and style when I presented her with a writing sample review on this book.

I'm surprised how far I have come with rejection. I am unfazed and am still typing away at my other writing jobs, while cuddling my cousin's baby on one hip. I almost welcome it because I have a hunch that I might've taken up too many offers and obligations. Being a newfound workaholic, I just can't and won't get enough until I've crashed, it seems. I mean, I am out here in fucking Catford on a mini-break from the bustling city, chilling with family, and yet my bag is packed with books for review and my faithful laptop.

[BACK TO THE MAGAZINE, KARA!] I won't say what I really want to say about that because I understand her fear, and she was completely nice about it, even offering the experience to me at a later date if I ever did quit Skin. She is protecting her magazine, fair enough. But, at the end of the day, sex is omnipresent and I know, even if she doesn't know it yet, that she has her own sexual fetish waiting to be unleashed, and so do her readers. Fetishism and exploring your sexuality is never a bad thing. Never EVER could be. I wish people would understand that it goes hand in hand with a lot of aspects of your life. I never wrote anything sleazy for Skin Two, and they are certainly not associated with sleazy. They are the most tasteful, professional sex magazine I have ever seen; and the reason I am now a reader is not because I write for them, but because they have balls. They write about what people are afraid to write about. And that's the kind of writer I want to be. And they support individuality and socially and culturally taboo ideas (which are wrongly accused).

So if, in order to advance my career as a writer, I have to quit one writing gig to land another, that doesn't really add up or work for me. I want it all, and I know I can get it all. It's just that in order to do that, sacrifices have to be made.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


CUH-RAY-ZINESS! I suppose it's fitting that Panda and I are on a break right now because I am busy as fuck with all kinds of amazing projects and it just keeps getting better and better, which basically means, busier and busier. I'm definitely liking being a workaholic though, and liking that I don't have to moan over our last bickering session on Skype. We had a really great talk last night (early this morning), hours before I had to wake up for my interview for work experience with Yoga Magazine. So, that went really well (the conversation and the interview). I should hear back tomorrow from the latter. She was really impressed with my writing, thinks I'm talented and she plans to really work me if I get the position; like send me out to interview yogis and shit, actually work on pieces for publication in their mag etc. etc. Beats what Tatler told me last week, "You're basically going to be serving coffee and sorting mail." Tatler? On the 3rd floor of the Vogue House? Really guys?? Anyways, I won't lie and say I don't hope I get work experience with them too. Brings me one step closer to Vogue and the Fashion Empire in the sky.

So, the interview was funny because I brought in some writing samples. One was an unpublished piece I did as a trial for the job of bar and club reviewer for ViewLondon. I was waiting to hear back from ViewLondon about whether it was suited to their site or not. When I got home from the interview, ViewLondon is like:

"I’ve finally managed to edit your review and it is now live on the site -

You’ll notice that I’ve made almost no edits to the review. I was extremely impressed by your sample and loved your style. You provided lots of details – which held up under a fact check – and really got to the mindset of the venue. I loved the first sentence of The Venue section and your Last Word summing up, in particular. It was by far one of the best samples I’ve had in…

Of course, I’m happy to say that your application was successful and I’d love to offer you a place on my official View London reviewing team – welcome aboard!!"

So now I get paid to go out. Ace.
So, this is a stack of mags I took home with me today after the interview, for research purposes. I pitched an idea to Scatlet magazine about fetish stuff and they are up for reading it so it looks like my career as a freelancer is about to begin. Might as well get it right.

I love coming across magazines I've never seen before; especially when they're printed on really nice paper and it's not cluttered or jaded because they're fresh in the game. They pay attention to sleek design and just totally nail it. I do give away my overflowing copies of Elle and Vogue eventually but when it comes to the brilliantly packaged mags like i-D, Dazed and Confused and these I picked up, I feel like they're almost on par with coffee table reads, and keep them for quite a while. Really excited to go through these.

As for Fashion Week, I usually save that for the meticulous fashion blogs out there that do such a great job gushing and raving about RTW this and Resort and Cruise that. As for me, I ain't gonna give you a complete rundown. I just don't have the time (love saying this). All I know about New York Fashion Week so far is that I love Alexander Wang to death but he just didn't nail it for me this time compared to his past collections. Don't get me wrong, it was great, but it wasn't one of the jaw-droppers of old. I was way more into this collection by some lady I never heard of called Behnaz Sarafpour. WAAAYYY MOOOREEE. I can't believe these 4 particulars, namely the gradient fur coat. Amazing colour. I think I like green right now...

Anyway, my friend is totally nagging me to come over already. I'm going to another block on campus to watch movies, BS around and drink. Have a good week! If you try to make it better than mine, you might just kill yourself so...don't bother. x

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Panda and I are on a break.

Interview at Yoga Magazine
Movie 'hang' at friend's flat (drink)

Lunch at TGIF for friend's re-re-scheduled birthday (drink)
Escape to Catford to see cousin and new baby

Knock on Bob Marley's aunt's door with my tape recorder in hand and try to get her to let me in with my Caribbean accent
Get dragged off by cousin to some club called Ink (drink)

Back to London
21st Birthday Party for Becks at The Big Chill House (drink)

Check out the Japanese Art Festival in Richmond for a bit
Friend's birthday hang in Central (drink)


P.S. They changed my picture on the Kill City page (no. 6). I don't prefer it face-wise but that's the shirt they sent me (Panda took that picture of me...there's a whole photoshoot where that came from. Was looking at it today- shut up). I also got some killer stained jeans (the pewter colour) from them in the post the other day. Looks more like a really musty faded purple though, which makes it all the more amazing (THANKS!).

Monday, February 23, 2009




NO WAY! Jen from Gnarlitude is such a winner. Look at these amazing boots at $20 and that gorgeous fucking Alexander Wang zipper skirt going for $18! Okay, so I thought my Honour one was cheap, but that's a fucking hit and run right there. If I could get it, I will, but I don't have a paypal account. So lucky you.

Her skirt (yours)
My skirt (from Honour)

DAMNIT! I thought I had one on her lol. *bows down* I guess the only upside is that I already have my own version of it, it's fucking hot and I don't have to fight for hers on ebay along with like...every single cool fashion forward person, and then cry over losing it to one of them.

And because we know I love O&S, I gotta say, this is harsh as fuck. What a bunch of cum rags! I'm probably not gonna shop at Forever 21 ever again; and you shouldn't either! Head over to Obesity and Speed and get yours now!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I listened to this all weekend. Still am. Sometimes I cried, sometimes I just sat back and enjoyed being alive to hear it. You might remember it from Babel (that soundtrack is one of my absolute favourites, mostly because of Gustavo Santaolalla's arrangements, like the closing piece 'Bibo No Aozora' ...what Limewire named it, not me, so sorry for any misinterpretation). I have a thing for movie scores and soundtracks. My iPod is considerably packed. I am also really getting back into acoustic guitar and wish I hadn't stopped playing it. It's just in the move from Trinidad to Abu Dhabi, somehow, an entire guitar got lost. I will probably invest in another after graduation though.

Anyways, this post is make sure you know I am still around. Nothing amazing has happened lately. I have lots of gathered finds from New York Fashion Week to show you, but I try to post things in a varied manner because, even though there are far more fashion posts than others, I'd like there to be a little something for everyone at A Dirty Word, whether you're a perv who likes bondage, someone who shares similar interests in reading/writing, metal and other great music like the track above, enjoys my inane postings because it's a relief from the things you read in your office and on the tube or you are just stalking me and waiting for me to accidentally slip my address. Another reason for those last few sentences is because I realised I am building up a small male following here, not including Panda (or the gay one), and that is slightly embarassing, but also very cool, so, I'm trying harder to balance the ship. Hello to the newbies like Sebastian! (bet he didn't know I was going to do that- I'll allow him to respond with a stream of dirty words if he likes :p).

I'm just sitting here eating some Uncle Ben's 3 minute microwaveable risotto with a mini can of coke (you know how much I like those). Now that the can's done and it's approaching the witching hour, I've switched to a very cheap glass or two of red wine. I am reading 2009's copy of 'Best Women's Erotica' because I am reviewing it for Skin Two, and I'm finding that it's actually quite decent. If you're into Erotica, you should definitely pick this up (but wait for my review to come out first on the Skin Two website, read it, AND THEN buy it). Alternatively, if having to spend money in this day and age's current crisis makes you vomit, then check out my amazingly talented and beautiful lecturer's erotica here. I've been meaning to post about her for ages, not only because I'm a fan of her and her work (she once interviewed Prince!), but also because she's a fan of mine and has been one of the biggest inspirations so far to it (yeah, I can be big-headed, but I find sometimes it helps). In other sex-related news (Oh God here goes...) I wrote this, and down here's my silly little biog to go with it). I'll have you know it's been edited a bit and sorry, in advance.

Rewind a bit to when I was speaking of money woes, this guy is about to kill himself; obviously. Why am I the only one who sees that? Or did he kill himself already?

And on other men, Panda and I are not doing so well recently. I think we're both tense about this L.A. move thing and we've been having big fights about it. I know for one, I am really stressing. So we've decided to limit our talking to emails every now and then so we don't rip each other's throats out "face to face"; face to face in quotations because as we're long distance, that could only mean video chat on Skype. (BUT I LOVE YOU!). Good.

Maybe there's more to post tomorrow.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


BLOGASM! I can't even believe this outfit, namely that furry warm number. I want to ask her if I can come under it too. If I owned nothing but that to cover my body, I would be just cool...


Text messages...
Becks: I just walked past Henry Holland!!!
Me: I did once too, in Victoria Station. And this is what Fi said. 'He has no talent!'

Sorry Becks. Bad Mood entereth. But I did run into him. I found the old post (paragraph 2). But Fi's right. And this is what the big ole fat guy in Two Stupid Dogs said. 'Isn't that cute...BUT IT'S WRONG!'

Anyways, Panda will be happy to know (when I met him, he was in utter disgust at the converse I pulled off and put in a corner of his dorm one night) ...that I gave in and bought new sneakers; BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN MY CONVERSE ARE DEAD YET! They are hanging from a thread at this stage, but I think hanging them up on the wall for a while and giving them some space to breath (they have plenty of holes to breath from already but..yuh know), then wearing them only when I miss them, will give them a little more time.
I miss you already.
But Vans are pretty comfy too...
I'm going behind enemy lines here though...


Normally people say when life gives you lemons..blah blah blah. Fuck lemons. I like strawberries. And when life makes you want to stick an air-filled syringe in your left eyeball, I am going to make organic pancakes with pure maple syrup and strawberries on top; with chai tea (not pictured).

After that, in the evening, you might get a pint of cider, lager and black currant, watch a movie, neglect friends and fall asleep to the amazing band you're missing perform tonight (pardon the utterly shit video). Actually, I'm listening to this one, but not very band representative, is it?

I swear, if I could cough up £11 a session at the Hot Bikram Yoga studio that I used to work at, I would be there. Bikram Yoga is my drug of choice. Nothing gets you more amped up and aired out for a night of raving until 6am, then explicit sex (if that were available to you) until it's breakfast and time for pancakes again like Bikram Yoga. Intense fucking energy.

And I swear, whoever has my mug in their dormitory as I type this, I will hang them from their window sill with their dental floss. I hate campus!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I swear. If it wasn't for that girl posting up that free movie website in her status update on Facebook (and you call yourself a friend), I would've been dishing out blog posts like spiked punch at the prom. Instead, I watched Javier Bardem dazzle and frazzle three women in a Woody Allen movie. Instead, I watched two kids straight out of indie central put-put around town looking for a band called 'Where's Fluffy?' and sharing a piece of gum with the universe. I watched Bruce Willis refuse to shave a beard for a movie role while a dog got shot in the head at Cannes, I watched Jim Carey say no all the time, then yes all the time, and last night I watched a really ugly Brit move to NYC to take on the fashion magazines at the top of the sky in what was probably the male version of 'The Devil Wears Prada'.

Oh and those pictures up there are an accident. I was writing a review on Fetish Fantasy Fashion, in which the phrase 'Labour of Love' came up in my text. I found myself saying 'what is this term other than an amazing UB40 album?' (sometimes I write something confidently without using my brain, then when I get back to it I panic thinking 'oh no, what if I had been using that to mean that all this time and it doesn't mean that at all?' - so I had to look it up). And this fashion website popped up. So, that's the story of how those items became a welcome accident (mind you, everything else on their website sucks).

And so I got further and further distracted, waxing my eyebrows, forcing myself to find something worth taking home to my closet in United Colours of Benetton because I had a gift voucher in my name, blocking phone calls from the National Student Survey people, spending £72 on food (WHAT!!!!)( that better last me til graduation), emailing up people to pester them to put my work in their magazine/give me work experience with their magazine/interview them for A magazine, getting killer top grades last semester, falling perilously in love with spanish classical/flamenco guitar, staring into space while listening to it, and barely scowling over Facebook's terms and conditions which have now been resolved (*insert passionate phrase here about people working together to take down the big guys*).

I'm afraid this week isn't going to be much different. In fact, you might just have to expect less from me until February chucks itself. But I am completely happy and busy and happy being busy, and I hope all is well with you (thank you so much for the rad comments lately!), and I could have so much exciting news to tell you week if you would just put on a Smiths album and chill out for a bit in the waiting room.

P.S. I LOVE the mini cans of coke right now. It totally doesn't make me feel guilty. But then if I have two I'm back to square one again. Story of my life.

P.S.S. omg finally over 1,000 hits! You're all just too much, really. I think I'll go have a mini can of coke

Monday, February 16, 2009


We're meant to do this assignment for Developing the Novel where we make a detailed list of things that make us happy, an excercise inspired by that woman Barbara Ann Kipfer's book 14,000 Things to be Happy About (actually, Panda, I mailed you one of her books a couple months ago The Wishlist). Kind of EXTREMELY Maria from The Sound of Music singing about brown paper packages, but, I have a definite love of lists, so I'll attempt (and I'll try not to make it too fashion-focused):

*complete towns of pastel coloured buildings with white accents in Curacao
*road-tripping from Vegas to San Jose and back with Panda
*the idea of hiding out in a half empty motel in Mexico with nothing but notebooks and pens for writing and a bottle of red wine; or more. There must also be a leafy pool.
*long letters (writing them and receiving them)
*all you can eat grilled cheese sandwiches by the pool at All-Inclusive hotels
*fresh notebooks without the lines
*the sex, drugs and rock'n'roll lifestyle that is so aptly portrayed in Hanif Kureishi's AMAZING novels
*smooth prominent collarbones
*the shape of perfectly waxed thick eyebrows (I notice a lot of Arab and Indian girls have the most perfect kind)
*browsing new words in dictionaries just for fun
*warmth; namely sweaters that provide it (I collect them), and being able to stay in and just do nothing but sit in my sweater.
*the intense energy and the feeling of invincibility I get after doing mantras, breathing and yoga (completely beats Prozac)
*heavy rain storms back home in Trinidad, waking up from the racket of one (sounds like bullets falling from the sky onto the roof), being pissed, then realizing it's a Saturday and I don't have to get up
*watching old school Tom and Jerry episodes late in bed when everyone is asleep, in Abu Dhabi
*Long bus rides around London (people totally flip out when I choose to spend hours on buses to meet them instead of taking the tube)
*unexpected emails or packages in the post (I got some recent things that MUST be posted about. Stay tuned!)
*People like Mary Kate Olsen who pair the most hideous and unlikely things together and make something completely jaw-dropping, so much so that it just becomes its own living invincible thing.
*Asian eyes
*Iced Chai Tea Lattes from Starbucks
*going to Wagamama and just having to sit there because they already know what you want (and it's in front of you in an instant and it's just as amazing as the first time you tried it - Amai Udon)
*Setting to work scouring an densely packed charity shop
*finding a perfectly mixed Virgin Pina Colada (this is my favourite drink...I'm like a connoisseur about it. It's such a sad thing for me when I order one and it's not 'together')
*Lounging around in big soft worn tshirts, but only when my legs are shaved (alternatively, I like to see women in movies and editorials smoking a cigarette and wearing nothing but a crisp men's shirt
*the nape of my boyfriend Panda's neck
*the way he stretches in bed and the sleepy scent he gives off when he's tired/sleeping
*telling people I'm a writer; I get a tingle. My writing career is actually happening!
*buying and testing out toiletries and new products (notice I didn't say make-up; not make-up; rather things like face wipes or washes, lotions, sprays, body scrubs blah blah...)
*how people hold and smoke their cigarettes and their bottles of beer
*familiarizing myself in a definitely abnormal way with the lives of people and their friends in their photo blogs; especially when it looks as stylish and chill as the sets on Epicly Later'd and The Skullset (see blog roll)
*Interiors on The Selby (see blog roll again) and elsewhere where the styling is so careless and chill yet very thought out. When things are just thrown together, but with purpose. (does that make sense?)
*scalding baths back home in Abu Dhabi where I have access to my own bath tub, rather than a communal shower in campus housing (egh!)
*being extremely busy and tired at the end of the day, but only when it's amazing projects that you can't believe you're part of and are working on (right now my life is like this and it just keeps getting better and better. Not looking forward to the inevitale crash that will soon follow)
*white, black and grey t-shirts with the right kind of baggy fit
*girls who are so in their own world that they look a mess; it's the beautiful type of mess I enjoy.
*being the one sitting at a gate at the airport, ready to board (when all the packing and stress of rushing is over with and you can think about what you're going to do when you hit the next country at the end of the day)....

[images: a random-ass set of inspiration (a mon avie) photos on my desktop: The Skullset (5), The Selby (1), my own (1), The Lookbook (1), Epicly Later'd (3) and The Cobra Snake (1)]

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Ha. That blog title should get me more hits. But seriously, I did graveyard shifts all weekend, what with having to grope around Old Street to review the new Trash Palace and Ghetto on Friday night, then stomping around and taking appalling pictures at the Defenders of the Faith II Tour. Well yeah. Not sure what kind of photographic genius I expected while standing at the edge of the pit, shoving guys to the floor and screaming my lungs to ashes. So the only decent pictures I can show are from the bathroom stall, the bus home and my bedroom floor. What I wore...

A good few years back when I thought I would amount to nothing and my only skill was playing the violin, I decided I was going to be a background violinist for Dimmu Borgir. But that was before I knew they used a keyboard because I was only listening to them by CD. So of course I went to their show last night! To be honest though, I expected a lot more from them, even though they totally took it home for me when they played Puritania and Progenies of the Great Apocalypse. And I was totally there for them only, and one of the obvious few at that. Otherwise, even though I bought that DB shirt just outside, ran to the bathroom during Five Finger Death Punch and changed into it, Lamb of God was worlds better. Oh yeah, and DB wore THE boots. Do you think their girlfriends/wives own these?

I've always loved baseball uniform t-shirts like that with the long sleeves in a different colour. So I had to get it. Plus my old DB t-shirt is one of those shit ones off the side of the road where the image isn't even properly printed or aligned, and it's like they made it by stuffing some fabric into a computer printer and clicking print on their laptops. My Children of Bodom t-shirt is like that too. I remember buying them both at the same time years back when I first met Panda and was showing him around Camden. I was 17. He didn't know me that well and was impressed that my shopping technique of scanning, choosing and buying took all of 3 minutes (Hun, when it comes to band t-shirts, you just know instantly what you're gonna buy. When you follow a band, it's for life. That doesn't apply if you walk into, let's say, Topshop for example).

Funnily enough, Children of Bodom is playing on Thursday in LDN. Would kill to be there but not sure if it's in my bank account's best interests at the moment. We'll see.

What I also love about these metal shows is that they're hardly ever sold out, and cheap! I remember seeing Devil Driver, 3 Inches of Blood, ARCH ENEMY, AND OPETH with my friend Mathew for under 13 quid. WTF!!! Arch Enemy and Opeth are two of my all time favourite metal bands. They played the Defenders of the Faith tour in April and I've never been to anything better regarding Metal.

Other bits of the weekend....the Trash Palace thing; if I get the job, the review will be up for you to see online soon, along with many more. But all in all it was a fun night that resulted in some new Facebook friends.

P.S. I didn't even realise that rushing to get dressed for the gig yesterday (Valentine's Day) I grabbed the first pair of underwear in my closet and turns out it was an American Eagle pair with red hearts on it. Anyways Happy Valentine's Day all.

UPDATE: SECONDS AFTER POSTINGGG!!!!! If I hadn't worn the above to the show, I would've been wearing thisssss!!!!! I ALMOST HATE JI KIM FOR POSTING THIS!!!! Oh My God, She's Too In It To Win It All The Time!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I was looking up some pretty images from The Selby to soothe my throbbing headache, which might be a result of last night's impromptu 2.99 bottle of red wine (on my own) and coffee shisha with old and new friends. It pains me to say that after a very fruitful day of work and errands, and an intense pilates class, that is what I did next. I broke my own rules. I even ate after 9pm. Well, I had to, what with that kind of drinking going on. But I have honestly been too hard on myself so it's not something I completely regret. It was fun to be social again.

As for this weekend...

FRIDAY: Possibly going to some artsy cabaret affair at Shunt and must pop in at the new Trash Palace on Old Street for a couple hours. I am writing a sample review of the venue for a club and bar reviewers position with a prominent London events website. Then possibly Shunt clubbing into the wee hours? Who knows...(Fi, read my wall and Becks' and join us for some of it? - oh yeah, by the way, Fi started blogging again. She's awfully good at the stuff and I don't know why she isn't a freelance writer. You should check her out here...)

SATURDAY: Yeah, sure, it's Valentine's day (and speaking of which, I sat behind an old man on the bus with a bald spot in the shape of a heart this week!) but you will find me moshing and rocking the fuck out at the Metal Hammer Defenders of the Faith gig for which Lamb of God and DIMMU BORGIR will be performing (AND SPEAKING OF METAL, I. JUST. MIGHT. DIE.)

SUNDAY: not one fuck. You won't be able to reach me. There's no way I am leaving my bed/room/dream-space for anything this Sunday. Absolutely not. I hope I made that clear enough how in dire need of rest I am.