Saturday, March 27, 2010






Kill City/Gabriella Marina Gonzalez/Our Lord and Saviour


A random Radisson Blu moment...

Ever got in a spat with someone you were seeing then had to endure a swelling silence while going through one of those automatic car washes? Oh my God, I swear that just happened to me. Only thing uttered, "This would be pretty neat to do while high"

In all fairness, a lot of interesting things have been going on in my life lately....muay thai classes....hypnotherapy sessions...more on those at a later date but by the way, both I higher than highly recommend! Umm so I have to get some sleep right about now if I'm going to face the manic work day I anticipate most Sundays (yeah we work Sundays and our weekends start Thursdays), so I'll just fill out a questionnaire thingie so we can catch up.
Last thing you ate: popcorn
Last thing you drank: coke
Last thing you watched: Daybreakers (because we were too late for Shutter Island and I was hoping in vain to see some cum-inducing vampire scenes)
Last thing you bought: bag and skirt from Zara
Last thing you returned: an HTC phone
Last thing you dreamt of: a very strange film showcasing the vagina in many different shapes and forms...I sat watching it with Rihanna who had a guest appearance. Twas pretty gross
Last thing you fought with someone about: littering
Last thing you regretted: buying that Zara skirt in XS
Last thing you forgot: that Earth Hour was being celebrated today so I plan to switch off everything for an hour everyday this week instead
Last thing you wrote: an article probably
Last text you received: A purchase of AED 545.00 was authorized from your NBAD Debit Mastercard at blah blah blah
Last thing you laughed at: a vampire exploding
Last thing you read: a few more chapters of Kafka on the Shore while relaxing on the beach
Last thing you felt proud about: waking up early as fuck on Friday to go to Muay Thai class after partying hard the night before, then after training doing 100 air punches, 50 push ups, 30 then 20 then 10 kicks on either side in 3 mins 15 secs. - I beat Monday's time (5 mins)!
Last thing you considered: A Blackberry (no thanks)
Last person you spoke to: The Fox
Last thing you saw that you wanted: an army green Jeep Wrangler
Last thing you stole: some really expensive looking chopsticks from a bar
Last thing you realised: just how fucking powerful the mind is
Last thing you decided: to relax, get some sleep and wake up and deal with the shit tomorrow instead

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


ummm yeah?

Karen Walker.

But still...even though I have no clue how I'll be able to pull them off, I'll be investing in...
Wang/Linda Farrow madness
P.S. I love this bar. That Hotel is the shit too. The chairs in the hot white lobby are massive neon bean bags.

Monday, March 15, 2010


In case you wanted to see some of my favourite artist's art pieces jumping around...


Hillier in da House! I haven't visited his site in a while but these are my latest of his 'inactive' pieces that I adore.

Really missing London today...

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I'm sure you guys have heard about this film. Along with that other one Jack White stars in on guitarists (It Might Get Loud), which I sadly didn't get to catch while in Cali last year, I've been wanting to watch this one for several months now. It follows the band as they embarked on a cross-country Canadian tour with the goal of performing in every province and territory across the northern nation. It's probably nothing that non-Stripes fans would be interested in but I get the fattest lady erections for Jack - who I hear is obnoxious, but you would be if you were him, so give him a break. Not to mention, I of course love their work. The box set came out yesterday and I think they'll also have a coffee table book, and some live CDs and DVDs in association with it. Any Stripes fans out there think the DVD is worth buying?


Found this on a party website just now and thought you'd find it amusing...mildly. This is way back in January when the Fox and I had realised that we nearly share the same birthday so we made a pact to party for the entire month to celebrate..and that's how we realised we kinda should just cut the shit and date each other (partying with someone for a whole month straight is actually a cool way to get to know them, provided that you retain the memories). On this particular night we decided to borrow his brother's dirty jeep and drive to another emirate (state) to party (well...hardly, as Dubai is like 1.5 hours away but still...). Booked a hotel and went to the beach the next morning. As vomit-inducing as our matching gear is, it wasn't planned in the slightest. And for the record, he dresses a lot better now. And I know, he is so not my type (but isn't that how it always goes?).
This is my type:
a flaming haired snowboarding olympian wearing American flag jeans and posing like a tard for Rolling Stone (and who sadly is the spitting image of a French guy I fell in love with after we holed up in bed for 2 days straight - in the non-sexual Yoko-John sense - then never saw again). Yes, Shaun White is my man. Even though he ignored my congratulatory note on Twitter the other day, like the chai lattes at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (who I just discovered is in my office building - one of only 2 branches in this city), I can't get enough of him. What's more is I'm sure I could've easily caught him raiding the racks of the Kill City store on Melrose when I was in LA last summer because apparently he's a big fan. WHICH MEANSSSS Shaun White and I have something in common! We love KC gear and we both get free shit from them. HAHA! Could a day when we compare, admire and then rip our KC gear off each other and do unmentionably explicit things be approaching in the not too distant future? Stay tuned.
P.S.: How is my blogging? Call 666-FUCKYEAH to comment.

Friday, March 12, 2010


HONESTLY, who the fuck lives in Illinois? But anyway, if you do, you best be checking this shit out....

The 'beer, boobs, booze and boards' tagline should cover any explanations you may desire, but basically, to spit it out, it's a party and an exhibish where all these rad artistic people like Kesh customize some old fucked up skateboards. I'd kill to see the outcome (and I'm sure Kesh will do a follow-up post on it) but yeah, I'm busy on the deserted Yas Island not so much enjoying a complimentary 2 nights stay at one of the new hotels. The Fox is with me. We just fought....3 times. We've stuffed ourselves silly on all sorts of complimentary fare and are supposed to meet the group up again at the pool bar for more complimentary junk at several venues across the island. It sounds all lush and jealous-worthy, but believe me, once you get used to complimentary this and that, it gets I'm a fat pig with bad skin and a foul temper. Looking forward to going back home and sitting on the stationary bike upstairs for the rest of my life. Pictures to come. Enjoy your weekend.

Monday, March 8, 2010


So literally the first thing I did when I touched down in Manila (apart from put back in my nose ring and limply hug a never-ending line-up of long lost friends from the US and UK, including Panda) was scope out a tattoo parlour. Luckily there was one next door to my hotel so by the time we hit the clubs that night, I was totally rocking it.

Of course my arm was grabbed to no end that night so it stung like a bitch but it's the price you pay, right? Not sure if you can read it but it says '...and she lived happily ever after'. I was toying with doing the whole 'Once upon a time..' business on my other arm but my wallet told me to hold off and see where my bills ended up near the end of the trip (and boy am I lucky I refrained). Anyway, just to add, as someone who has suffered from clinical depression since she was 12, I am absolutely obsessed with happiness and chasing it. So that should explain that one. As for now, as Jay-Z would say...'on to the next one.'


Currently reading...
I'm really enjoying stories about teenage boys just this moment...


Trust Ji Kim to score amazing boots like these while abnormally vintage shopping. I have no idea what that says for someone like me who is seasoned in scouring the earth for vintage. But she always dominates every and anything and every and anyone. Of course I adore the lace dress too (do I have to spit everything out all the time?).


It's so much easier to ease back into blogging with the help of a song....

And with that sung, let us vent...

"So she finally decides to show up...what fucking nerve! Abandons us like a Friday night cum shot and expects us to congregate again like nothing ever happened...which nothing did for over 2 bloody weeks! Seriously. The. Nerve."

Well. I hope that covers it but feel free to make good use of my comment box because even if you're typing my ear off about how shitty I am as a blogger, it beats only receiving junk from Japanese spammers.

Recently I've been:

sleeping in seedy whore-infested motels in Manila - getting more tattoos - partying on the beach by moonlight in Boracay - slurping duck embryos straight from the egg like shots - wearing denim shirts, feathers and large tie-dyed scarves - playing tennis again - fantasizing about watching my copy of Woodstock: The Director's Cut...but not watching it - trying to pick the perfect moment to watch it - buying items for my new accessories business - collecting bank from the first couple items sold - trying on fancy jalabiyas (arabic gowns) to the chagrin of many save for the store keeper and myself - speaking lots and lots of arabic - wondering if I am going to become a muslim just because I am ANYTHING BUT - but then drinking lots and lots of alcohol - eating lots and lots of restaurant food due to a huge surge in demand for me to do reviews - getting chunky because of said reviews and rice-crazed Filipino dishes - enforcing another strict fitness/diet regime as a result - getting tagged in way too many unbecoming photos - shopping at Oyshko for pyjama bits and bobs to wear out and about - flipping through the latest UK Elle on the beach with The Fox and having him give me style advice - shaking hands on the idea to take a joint trip to Zara/Zara Men and choose pieces for each other - actually trusting him on this one because he likes girls in baggy tshirts and mini skirts - catching myself off guard talking about The Fox too much like this....that sort of stuff.

And this week I'm:

taking a sushi-making class - interviewing a taxi driver about his harsh Abu Dhabi reality - reviewing another restaurant - enjoying a complimentary 3 night stay at a new amazing hotel - thinking of checking out like a rock star - looking into a short stint in Jordan - buying tickets for my friends' gig with Sir Bob Geldof in Dubai next weekend - doing laundry - probably returning 2/3 of the Oyshko items.

And right now:

I promise to try my best to post at least once a week.