Tuesday, September 9, 2008


*sigh* So, this is me at 10:22am NOT talking to Panda because we seem to have fallen out. Shortly after, I will get changed into comfier clothing, grab my new copy of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, snuggle under the covers and read it cover to cover.

On a lighter note, this is me in probably the coolest thing you could find by accident in your closet; my mother's old party bustier from back in her day. Very Madonna, I know. But also very fuck yeah. Excited for the adventures we will have together on my return to London. I can so see myself glittering madly in the darkest caverns of Shunt with a cocktail spilling all over my shoes. I know my cousin Becks will be close on my tail laughing into her frizzy hair.

She recently informed me that she found this huge new place, as well as some new clubs, and needs me to hurry back so we can have ridiculously loud sleepovers and make noodles. Don't worry! I'm coming!

And as for Panda. This ain't right.

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Nouvelle Fag said...

it shouldn't work but it does. i love your fashion audacity X