Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hey. My name is Willow and I'm best buds with Jack Siegel, and all those other crazy kids you see rolling around on the floor on the Skullset. I bet you've seen me there (or at least seen my hair in my face). I model for Urban Outfitters. Jack did a shoot of me once for them that we're pretty sure will make it to a billboard on Sunset; which is exaggeratedly good because I wrecked his Nikon on set when they told me to dance around to Morrissey. Yeah, I got a little crazy there. It may have also had something to do with the Corona Lights we were drinking during wardrobe; not certain. Anyway, I gotta split. Cory's gonna pick me up so we can go get our fake I.D.'s together. Then we're gonna go pick up these sweet supertight spandex leopard print swim trunks for her boyfriend Mark. Peace!
I'm bored.

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