Saturday, September 26, 2009


"I'm just sayin'", I'm really into:

Some uber shit in September's Vogue. Deep red it is.
Some other rouge-y bits I'm eyeballing, these from Topshop:

Speaking of the September issue, I saw the movie, and "I'm just sayin'" (can't get over Kanye saying that), it was a much needed boost to keep me on track in my efforts to secure a job in a respected fashion magazine office - seriously uplifting, inspiring and beautiful. Team Coddington! (you'll see what I mean when you watch it)


Haven't posted in a while, I know. I've been all over town cleaning up after myself - the coveted California trip is finally coming to an end, and I have hella shit to do in the space of a week; not to mention I'm helping Panda move house, so we're currently surrounded by dusty paraphernalia and flat boxes while trying and failing to get into 'The L Word'. So you're going to have to follow my twitter in the mean time or something (don't worry, I stopped tweeting in French on Wednesday) because things are gonna be slow.

What I CAN post about for now is that I went to a reading of Stephen Elliott's 'The Adderall Diaries' at Skylight Books 2 nights ago. I've raved about him and his books before, and his latest, which he personally mailed to me (!!!) is no exception. Please please please get your hands on a copy, even if it isn't a signed one *blows raspberry*. I also picked up one of his older ones called 'Happy Baby'. Will let you know how it goes, although I probably won't have to.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Hello. Recently I've been...

-tweeting in french

-prowling the deepest, darkest corners of LA like Bar Sinister

-dying to pay a visit to this shop

-ogling faux downpours and street chases for the movie Oliver's Arrow/Inception that's being shot downtown (check out the cast on this fucker! I was in DiCaprio's atmosphere!)

-visiting Venus and Celina at their awesome apartment to see their latest latex designs and copious pairs of vintage burlesque shoes

-fighting with my boyfriend

-making up with my boyfriend

-gagging over disgustingly mixed absynthe cocktails at depressing prices

-downing as much free red wine at 'cool people' events like the Where the Wild Things Are gallery opening reception at Space 15 Twenty (great night! pics ahead)

-getting tours of BDSM/play dungeons

-finally spending my money on material pleasures now that my trip is coming to an end

-trying on shoes for work and not liking any

-missing out on interviews this week with major Abu Dhabi magazines because of this splendid trip

-sadly coming to grips with LA radio on our long drives, and actually singing along to, dear I say it, Lady Gaga

-re-exploring bisexuality, and failing

-hanging out in random UC Irvine dorm rooms

-learning languages via twitter



I just love this editorial from a mag I just discovered called Contributing Editor. See the rest of it here.

And if I could've posted it, I would've definitely shown you this Le Freak C'est Chic editorial from the same mag, photographed by Colin Lane. Heights!

I am loving this mag more and more with every click.


The same time we went to see Mike Shinoda's Glorious Excess (Dies) exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum, we stumbled upon a tribute to the kokeshi doll. Kokeshi dolls were originally given as souvenirs to visitors to the hot springs in Northern Japan. Different towns put their own spin on the plain-faced originals, and they've been re-vamped and customized ever since. Check out my favourites from the exhibit, which are actually on sale for about $200-300 each. I would love one...or 6. You should really go check out the rest before the exhibit ends on October 4th, and absolutely don't show me what you ended up buying; or you can just click here.

Friday, September 18, 2009


As if I wasn't already excited about Space 15 Twenty's Where the Wild Things Are gallery opening reception tomorrow (Saturday 19th), Christian Joy (who creates Karen O's wild stage costumes) made a couple of monster costumes that will be on display AND ON SALE at the event. Read more about it here and get jealous.

My favourite, courtesy the Urban Outfitters blog, where you can view the rest.
They're really going all out for this event. Check out the props.


So we had hella errands to run in town yesterday and conveniently, it was Free Thursdays at the Japanese American National Museum and Panda had been wanting to see Mike Shinoda's show 'Glorious Excess (Dies)' - yeah, he's a big Linkin Park fan, bless him. So it was there we ended up after picking up new mags and film books and free clothes at Kill City (Seb please don't kill me - very last minute).

It was aite...A bit too glossy street art for me (which, I suppose, was his intention, and don't get me wrong, glossy street art can be heights - cue Fafi). But it's about consumption and celebrity culture, and society obsessions and...excessiveness. I just love that it sort of stemmed from him watching some pop culture show on british TV and not knowing a single one of the people they were calling celebrities (which is exactly what I've been ranting about for years when I lived in London - british celebrities aren't really celebrities, and all across the world, it seems it's becoming a trend - cue reality tv).

Loved the celebrity collage (Rihanna's busted up face stuck out most). I stayed at this wall the longest, catching up on my gossip. I used to do a lot mag collages in my early high school days. It was generally a lot of glossy skulls intruding on 'the good life' that was illustrated by party-going VIPs made up of millions of dollar signs; they all died. But maybe you're interesed in the show - check out more here.

After browsing the rest of the museum, we encountered the Kogi truck right outside which, the longer I've stayed here, I realised, has a lot of followers, so we decided to see what all the hype was about. I had the kimchi quesadilla (it was good, but not 'follow me around town' good). Panda tried the short ribs taco and spicy chicken taco. With regards to the hype, he concurs. He also became severely sick by the time we got home.

Today I'm visiting a dungeon near Disneyland (sounds weird) and then Panda and I might go to a couchsurfng party in Hollywood.


Introducing Lauren. So adorable and ever so stylish, and a super friendly girl I may be hanging out with again soon; also a really great, really helpful and attentive employee at...

...and I'm sort of in a sartorial relationship with KC, as you'll probably notice in the right column, now that I've pointed it out to you. Anyway, as I've also mentioned before, their store on Melrose is HEIGHTS! ...and just chock full of free shit for me that's waiting to get close to my skin (within reasonable budget). It was so hard to choose today!

I particularly love the collages covering the dressing room walls (AHHH), and the fact that they have mags like Purple and Paper lying around...and then some, like the sick collaborations and ideas they have coming in the not too distant future. You'll die.

Anyways, I walked away with the shredded skinnies she's wearing and this dope black jacket with diagonal front zipper. I've got to do a photo for the revamped KC website where I'll be featured as usual as one of the KC100, so you'll see the pieces after the shoot; too much excitement was had today for me to even move a picture-taking finger right now.


Earlier today - full of food and fortune

and then...
...which is funny because when I woke up this morning, I got my first Abu Dhabi newspaper rejection email. They're offering an internship though...I think I'm way beyond that now, but we'll see.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Because I have nothing to say about Alexander Wang's S/S 10 line (and I'm not the only one - armageddon cometh?), check out the Trashicist's fierce wardrobe for the Rad Hourani (I don't mind talking about him) diffusion line party/show. I DIE! I die and steal her soul.

I truly am the only blogger miles and miles away from a catwalk right now. I'm also leaving a week before L.A. Fashion Week. Nice, right? Nothing doing today except copious tweeting in front of the tv.

UPDATE: sorry babes, so this is from a show back in July. No biggie. Either way, I really don't have anything to say about Fahion Week right now anyway.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It's been a crazy weekend; like so crazy, I am trying to recall what I did Friday and it's completely vanished from my mind. But Saturday, I went traipsing up and down Los Angeles because I went to check out a dungeon in North Hollywood for my article research, and it turned out Jay Wiseman was there teaching a really cool class in Tight Immobilizing Bondage. He is like THE go-to guy when it comes to BDSM 101. He's written a myriad of key BDSM references including SM101 and The Loving Dominant, and I've reviewed the latter (dude's got all that kinky shit down to a science). So it was an insightful workshop for a master rigger wannabe like myself.

After that we went to Fetish Nation at Circus, which was pretty neat. I suppose it would be the LA equivalent of Torture Garden or Subversion in London. To sum up, pretty interesting performances and pretty extravagant garb, but pretty exorbitantly priced drinks. One of the girls being spanked over a domina's knees had my f-hole tattoos on her back. Mine are way better though.

Then Sunday, the boyf and I met up with Dulce, our Italian friend who is now here for a coulple years studying whatever she feels like because she has nothing better to do. We went to Bossa Nova for some pretty decent, filling Brazilian food and racked up an $80+ bill among the 3 of us. I would recommend it despite that though because service was toppa top, the sangria hit the spot, the portions were so huge as to provide you with meals the following day (about to eat some for dinner), and sitting outside chilling with good people on an easy Sunday evening is just the ticket sometimes.

Then today was just mad emailing and liaising trying to make sure that every minute of this week keeps me huffing and puffing until the end of the day. Craziness. Most of the shit happening this week is for the article or for friends I need to see before October 2nd when I fly out, but this?
I'll be going to for fun.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I just have a serious love for stacks and stacks of books on a towering bookshelf. I found this beauty on Plastolux.

Meanwhile, Panda got a new apartment in Hollywood. And it's all naked just WAITING for me to get my hands on it.
It's Friday night. Are you also drinking artichoke tea and admiring bookshelves?