Monday, September 8, 2008


"Sometimes I just wish I was an octopus,
so I could hug like ten people at once."
- Jason Jones.
Let's be honest. All one really needs in life is a a stiff drink, a heavily and radly stocked iPod and a large plaid shirt. But maybe sometimes we need several limbs to dish out love and righteousness. So here goes. I hereby give love and righteousness in the form of a slimy tentacled hug to:
1. Tasha Tilberg. Also, will you marry me? No, seriously. Please reconsider.
2. Panda, for tolerating all my sudden hippie rants about how sad and cold the world has become. Where is the love? Here it is.
3. My sister. She's great. It took me 13 years for me to realise that.
4. Britney Spears. You did it, bitch!
5. Jay Gatsby
6. My newly engaged cousin, and to a rad rocker boy too! Good job!
7. Candace Bushnell, for all the scandalous New Yorker entertainment that is an inspiration to all women who intend to dominate the male race.
8. The epic Meghan MacRae at Kill City.
9. Debra Mehta, for acknowledging what I said about her on my old blog, and for finally finishing her book....and for being smart and VERY sexy.
10. Guerreira in London, because I haven't enquired about her in quite some time after abandoning l'old blog. She's such a lovely person and we should go out to lunch some time in L'ondon lol. HOPE YOU'RE WELL!
Extra limbs grown for the likes of: Jolie, Slacker Chic and Pete the Anonymous

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