Wednesday, September 3, 2008


where are you on one of my many beds, Abu Dhabi.

what are you wearing right now my ex's large grey San Jose State hoodie, striped boxer shorts and neon blue bikini bottoms because i have no clean underwear
last song you listened to

someone you are angry with right now oh that's easy

how did your parents meet My dad crashed his car into a wall near his friend's house. So he walks up there to get help and lays eyes on his friend's sister who is...? BINGO!

what always makes you smile prozac, the memory of that guy leading his nuts straight into a chair at the chinese restaurant and everyone becoming completely silent except for Panda saying too loudly 'that's gotta hurt', and these guys (mostly Yingying)

what do you do that people hate deny and deny and deny that I am drunk until the point of passing out
your favourite word byzantine
favourite hangout Shunt, which is this vast space of eerieness and lights under London Bridge that looks like this

first thoughts waking up this morning is the flight nearly over?

ever had an imaginery friend as a child yes, her name was Reagan and she had a neon blue bob haircut

used to be afraid of slipknot

latest discovery Z!nk Magazine. fierce full stop

what sucks right now not being able to eat or drink in public out here because it's Ramadan

wierdest news heard recently this british guy i recently met in L.A. was brainwashed by scientology, tried to kill himself and so therefore was deported

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