Wednesday, December 31, 2008


um um um, Nadal and Federer. Here in Abu Dhabi. Now, THAT'S how you start a new year! My mom and I are staring at my little laptop screen with her credit card in hand, scrambling to find tickets. If we don't get in, my mom has the car and I have the will to kidnap Nadal on his way out. And if that fails, we'll just go play some tennis ourselves, burn off some steam with some master shots. We're set.
As for tonight, it's partying until the new year at the Emirates Palace Hotel. Shakira is having a concert there but if you buy VIP tickets you get into the NYE party as well that's happening, which is a good thing, because I am not willing to barf all over my pretty fucking dress for Shakira; maybe for alcohol.
SO in case I don't see ya, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


I have been getting increasingly obsessed with girlie/fierce lingerie, underwear and sleepwear as of late. I don't know if that has something to do with all that fetish research and clubbing I did recently, for which I picked up this sick black satin corset and some frilly underwear at Primark, but yeah, the lust is there regardless. If I could afford Kiki de Montparnasse, then AWESOME, but I can't so I'm automatically a anywhere else girl, predominantly Victoria Secret, La Senza and now, Oysho, which I just came across in one of the malls out here. Perfect. Plus they have a sale. This is all I picked up yesterday due to lack of funds. I bought them slightly bigger so they're breezy and comfy like boxers but cute and with a frilly bunched up bottom. I plan to take the store again by storm for my birthday, which is like, in 10 days...


A new year requires new looks. I'm going back with curly and healthy hair for a while. Looking back, it makes me laugh to see the constant perils I've allowed my hair to face.

-red dye
-purple dye
-pink dye that came out prawn cracker orange
-blue braided extensions
-regular braided extensions
-corn/cane rows. yes. shut up.
-GHD used and abused

until I was finally told to keep my hands away from my head and had it all chopped off two January's ago. Good times, good times...but let's leave it at that, shall we? It's still pretty damaged in this picture, but some hairdressers are amazing people. I've been amusing myself for ages with these curls, jumping up and down and shit. Curls are fun.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Looking for a writing job for my last 6/7/8 months in London. Gumtree at 5:30AM spawns this.

"I am a female who is looking for:-
Dynamic , classic, energetic, diverse, quirky , flourescent, chirpy, bubbly, creative Facebook Friends Wanted
Facebook friends and Buddkies wanted for Email Banter, wall writing picture commenting. I have a few friends on Facebook but they are sooooo boring, rather than communicate, enquire about yr welfare and keep the page enhanced they prefer to join groups and play and upload silly applications.
Looking for writers((male or female aged 25 - 46yrs old) with an edge who can liven up my page.

pls contact me"

Really? sigh...

I've been in a rut these past few days, sleeping til 5pm, forcing myself to hit the sack at midnight to get it sorted out, waking up at 3:21AM EXACTLY every morning and staying up to download more Alice in Chains or read or look for US magazines to apply for as a writer...or blog...and listen to Muslims pray on loud speaker (yup. right on cue). Not to mention I am getting slobby what with all the Christmas food, alcohol and bad TV (I don't have/watch TV in London). It's the weirdest thing. Once the words 'holiday' or 'semester break' or 'vacation' hit my eardrums, it's like I completely shut down. Nothing works. And I feel like nothing HAS to work. Because I'm on vacation. But then on the other hand, being unproductive and not churning out cool writing makes me utterly depressed. But sleep! oh so goooooddd. I just can't win. Fuck.

But tonight/this morning, I am working. My novel is back in full swing. Its body parts seem to be functioning so far. I'm excited to see what tricks I can make it do next. And I am hoping I can have it finished by the end of 2009. I'm also thinking that when the shit I've been working on these past couple months gets put up in their respective published places I will start a professional page on here. Maybe someone high up who enjoys reading inane blog postings in their very lacking spare time will pick me up. It's been said you shouldn't mix business with pleasure, but I'm a writer, so technically I'm meant to do so or else I would suck.

After I read a significant number of pages in this book and find some worthy essay quotes, I'm going to watch bad TV until the sun says I can come out now, then I'm going to play tennis with my mom and dad. Hope you guys are having a good holiday.

P.S. I also wanted to tell you that I might plan to do a reading list and movie list as a 2009 present from me to you; sort of like the 50 or 100(depending on time) books and films I think are worth your attention before the end of next year. Maybe.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


As if smoking wasn't cool enough to look at as is. These are The Cast's 4 digit priced ashtrays in gold and silver.

I can't sleep. I'm looking up cool new magazines to work for and...

Carmensita- Devandra Banhart
Rebel Yell cover - Children of Bodom
Oxygen- Bjork
Gothic - Paradise Lost (HAPPY 20th ANNIV.!)
Baby's on Fire - The Venus in Furs
Bibo No Aozora - Babel theme
Buddha of Suburbia - David Bowie
Would - Alice in Chains
Dreams - The Cranberries
The Venus in Furs - Ladytron vs. Thom Yorke

Saturday, December 27, 2008


PANDA!!! Look at this. Aren't we awesome for finding a $3 version...which I just gave to my awesome-ass lecturer for Christmas because she wouldn't stop ogling it. Can you secure me another one? I can't imagine the ridonculous prices people are allowing other people to charge for these things, but please, I beg of you, if you are to have one fashion resolution this year, make it to look for your ultimate accessories a little harder than just on the runway or For example, those can tops on chains that people actually aren't making themselves. How much does a can of coke cost?? Seriously...


Do you know what Ponche de Creme is? *giggles*
Merry Christmas Trini style.

(p.s. that rum measurement is WAY off)


I don't stress enough how consistently well dressed Rumi is, and this look she's rocking doesn't change that. Looking forward to next year's fashion variety in the blogosphere; and am hoping to add more of myself on here with a fashion resolution to make edgier choices in my wardrobe and just be generally more brave at dressing, even if it's for a ridiculously early 4 hour lecture, for which I would otherwise opt for tons of sweaters, dirty black skinny jeans and old Chuck Taylor's. It gets comfy, but it also gets old.
But speaking of sweaters, trust Rumi to find the God of all of them in some musty vintage haven in Cali (grrr...getting more and more anxious to move there already). Check out the detail on that thing; webbed, glittery, black, baggy, and with dress possibilities? Somehow, it is kind of like this omnipresent piece of clothing that can be worn to the clubs, to class, to the store, to the place you had to go to before you somehow lost your trousers...? Unbelievable.

And as a result, another one of my fashion resolutions would probably be to make do with what I have for once. I realised this after last month spending copious amounts of money shopping, and then realising I was so strapped for survival cash that I had to return about 3/4 of the load.


When I saw that last page I just knew I would dig this magazine. Although I still have no idea of their writing style, its sleek quality and content, and features on people like Kate Lanphear and Alice Dellal naturally won me over. I am looking for writing jobs in the U.S. for next year when I plan to move out to L.A.. Although they're an NY based mag, they have contrubitors from all over the world. Will be picking up an issue for research purposes, alongside pleasure purposes of the shoe variety, when I head back to ldn.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The best way I know how to wish you Seasons Greetings and all that; through X. If you're fortunate enough to be in San Francisco for the holidays, check them out at Slim's on the 26th and 27th. I've been listening to 'Motel (In My Bed)' non-fucking-stop these past few days, along with these other random particulars:

Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon
Bella's Lullaby (the official one in the movie) - Carter Burwell
Nausea - X
Baby's on Fire - Brian Eno (finally watched 'Velvet Goldmine'; yeah, what a loser)
The Movies - Alien Ant Farm

I am in Abu Dhabi again, celebrating the holidays with the fam. Apart from that, I should be reading all the books on novel writing and book proposals that I lugged over here in my suitcase, and working on my essay and novel. But I am playing with our cute new dog Rigby, whom I call Ecstasy because if Ecstasy were a dog...not kidding.

I'm also tempted to call up my friend Sweetie to hit up the clubs on this end of the world (Suet Yee - flight attendant chick who I met while travelling with my dad and his crew to beijing; we hit it off pretty well...the times she wasn't serving me on the flight, that is). But I know all that'll happen today is one bulging bout of laziness with a bit of alcohol, sporadic reading with an absence of an attention span and one huge bath (I smell like dirty dog), and maybe old school Tom and Jerry in the wee hours.

Last night, after a ridiculous Christmas dinner (my mom gets carried away this time of year) I stayed up til 7am and washed dishes with her and we talked about the inevitable: after college. I told her I wanted to move to Cali and live with Panda. She's gonna help me apply for jobs and all that. She also gave me a little cash to put into a savings account to save up for my 'future'. This is sort of MUCH easier than I thought. And that's because we haven't yet consulted the other side: the dad.

Anyways! Panda's on Skype so I shall leave you to fiddle with yesterday's gifts and my Limewire to boil up some Mastodon, Satyricon and like ALL the tracks from the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING (like tears streaking my face amazing) 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch', which I should really give its own post soon, along with some other decent movies I just saw. (Don't worry, Twilight isn't included).

Monday, December 22, 2008


I've never cared for their over-priced weirdities before, but somehow, this year, All Saints is doing it completely right! It was painful to walk around their store off Brick Lane today. The hole in my pocket widened itself just a tad more, singing my thigh in the process. Please tell me this isn't a fine specimen of things:

I also found my wedding dress there, and Panda approves! It's like a retarded parachute (the tiny image size won't do it justice so.... look, but don't touch (but, by all means, you must rotate it...and die knowing that it is mine). And..oh yeah, it's black. Of course the short one is just as gorgeous, but will have to be worn at someone else's wedding. Plus I want these gloves, this zipper wallet, this cigarette case (if I smoked..alot), and the black stained men's tshirt pictured above deserves special attention for its insane detail. I could see myself wearing it to bed and beyond, day in and day out.

And there you have an All Saints christmas wishlist. (I'm emailing my mom now about the wedding dress)
Apart from that, I am being disgusting and prep-reading/gathering quotes for an essay that's due at the end of next semester and contemplating watching 'Interview with the Vampire' while listening to 'YYYOOOUUU, YOUR SEX. IS. ON. FIREEEEE' a little too repeatedly. I would seriously go to a big summer festival just to yell this back at the band. This is going to be such a festival anthem. x

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I know. Absence. Chill out for a bit. I am officially on vacation after a gruelling last day yesterday where I ran around volunteering to host our uni's Creative Writing Day then had to get all dolled up in someone else's flat for the soiree where I performed my first reading. Went well. But, of course, I was on stage, so I can't tell you what the reception was like. There was a whistle somewhere in there, and a girl in a nice hat who said the piece was 'absolutely lush'? And there were 32 bottles of free wine. So that was that.

More from me soon, when I am done vegetating in bed with a box of orange juice. But for now:

-whoever this sexy-backed bitch is, well, firstly, she knows how to dress to save lives and she nicked my back art. A friend of mine also asked permission for it. But, it's all good. I'm movin' on to my next big ink project soon.

-look out for a big ass picture post of my christmas wish list..whenever I feel like..

-R.I.P. Bettie Page. Funny how she only just became a recent fashion icon of mine what with my newfound interest in fetishism and sexiness and all that...

-speaking of which, the inescapable bondage workshop was heights. And I decided that if there was such a thing (is there?), I would get a PhD in Japanese Rope Bondage. It's beyond gorgeous and I class it as an intricate work of art rather than sleaze. Got tied up myself. Pictures soon (possibly). Plus I got to chill out with Chanta Rose and watch male submissives roll around on the floor in their wife's panties trying to get themselves undone because their mistresses wouldn't untie them. fun.

-Joshua Idehen is a demi-god of the spoken word scene who performed at our soiree last night. He has a buncha poetry/spoken word/music stuffs going on that I can't seem to pinpoint but start here if you're interested in that sought of epic mess, and check him out sometime.

-some lovely family have just flown into London and I just got invited out to dinner at Carluccio's tomorrow, then to sleep over at their chic South Ken temp. pad ( life). Carluccio's is one of those italian musts in the city. They're one of those good ones that have like 8 things on their menu because they specialize in them? Yuh know? With that said, visit...

-Going to finally see that Twilight movie next week with my cousin Becks, as we are one of the only few people in our usually very intellectual and tasteful circle who are hopeless fans. No one else would dare utter the words 'One ticket to Twilight' so we're forced to accompany each other. Not even my 13 year old sister would utter it apparently. How much lamer am I going to get?

-Then fly home on christmas eve and vegetate some more, but in better weather, with a free gym, running track and pool, a bigger comfier uncollegiate bed, home cooked food, parental hugs, new white puppies, reading FOR PLEASURE, and the list goes pleasantly on...Very excited and fingers are crossed and chafing that I get into business or first class again this time. That would be a great end to a taxing semester and THE BEST christmas present. Has anyone been in business/first on Etihad Airways? HM! Well, let me just say they are the national airline of Abu Dhabi (the richest city in the world) and they cater to the every need of its ridiculously deep-pocketed Arab community. And my dad flies captain for them. You get me? Good times, good times..

-and, just so I don't get harassed, the above picture of A REALLY GOOD IDEA is from the Garbage Dress blog, which is a good fashion read, actually. x

Thursday, December 11, 2008


READ IN ITS ENTIRETY. you owe me that much.

"Dear Kara,
I am very pleased to be able to inform you that CHILDREN has won a place in our final, and has been selected for publication in our on-line magazine, ROEHAMPTON WRITES. LOST was longlisted, but ultimately unsuccessful.

We would like you to read the piece at the Creative Writing Day Soiree, December 17th, event beginning 6pm.Congratulations! We are very pleased for you, and as your teachers, very proud of you.

So what next?
There are three points that we would like you to be aware of:
1. The work will be first published in an upcoming 2009 edition of ROEHAMPTON WRITES. This means that the work should not be published anywhere else before we publish it. By responding to this email you accept these terms.

2. That a member of Creative Writing staff may enter into an editorial process with you, to make sure that the work is ready for publication. For the moment, the piece is absolutely fine for reading on the night.

3. That in order to read, you MUST attend a performance workshop, December 17th, 9.30 - 11.30, QB252 to prepare you for the evening performance. We want you to feel comfortable and confident on the night.

Please do get back in touch with me. Any questions are very welcome.
Best wishes,
Leone Ross
PS. This is the formal proforma. On an informal note: you go, girl. You know you hot!"

There is nothing better than reading that after you slave away all day perfecting your essay and article due for submission on Tuesday and after having eaten a FAT tuna pasta salad that you made and ate straight out of the pot in its entirety, which then made you feel like investing in a lifetime of anorexia. My weekend is going to therefore inevitably be heights. This is now making its way around the internet starting with my immediate friends and family. FAMILY! HAH! What a word. If it weren't for my family having this awesome air of fucked-up-ness and choosing to squeeze me out all placenta dribbling straight into the chaos, then this story would not have been possible. Of course you'll get to read it in 2009.

LOOK MOM! I'm happy! No alcohol included!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I'm going ape-shit over these two very inspiring things that happened in the blogosphere to some very inspirational chicks of mine, and which also helped me realise fully which magazines I HAVE to work for once I hit the States.

So if you don't know Coilhouse, then you best get on it. Here's an interview Gala Darling did with the bevy behind the blog and magazine (Zoetica, Nadya and Meredith) on what it's like to be a magazine founder and editor. What Coilhouse does for my reading pleasure and the magazine world is like what Rasputina does for music. I can't express to you the next level joy I feel that the magazine is prospering with the first issue completely selling out, and the second issue due to hit racks this month. Hoping to get my hands on a copy of that, if it's the last thing I do for the year. AND THEN, a freelance position with them if it's the last thing I do next year.
I want to write for BUST Magazine because they're fierce and do fierce articles like this about fierce chicks who listen to metal, like Beverly from Reality No-Show, whom I have a total crush on. BUST also had a major craft fair in London this weekend that I had really set out on going to for christmas shopping, but some other expensive-ass venture went down that prevented me from going. But if you're in the US, look out for the US versions and support the mag...These are scans I nicked from Bev's page. Insanely jealous albeit lovin' it to shreds. And can you imagine it gets better? Here's this majorly passionate piece she wrote for the interview on her metalhead ways and means, that totally had me geared up for insane things in my future, and even more insane music. Literally the best thing I've read over the last couple weeks.

My mission in life has so been stamped on my forehead.


It's crunch time with one week left 'til hand-in of all my third year particulars before a blessed Christmas break in the desert with the fam, and all I can think about are the things I blew all my cash on and the things I want to take out loans for...

£18 £18
and £40. Words are failing me with this travel bag/vanity case/item of demi god status. It's just divine.As for three of my current owned favourite items (not including the stash I picked up this weekend at Brick Lane which will so gets its shining moment later on):
A coin purse/paraphernalia case thingie
Fringe bag from Primark that cost me like nothing and is doing a world of good
And this PVC skirt that I ordered online from Honour for something like 20 quid. Wore it out for the first time this past weekend; or rather it wore me. I fucking love it.
And since we're talking in 3's here, there are three relentless songs dominating my brain as of late:
Ivan Lins version of A Felicidade (which none of the youtube videos are justifying so I'm not gonna link it)
Psychosocial by Slipknot (still killing myself for missing their show on the 1st)
and Alien Ant Farm's Wish (has me reminscing on my (attempted) skater days and playing Tony Hark Pro Skater 3 and listening to that).
Not sure how the portuguese bossa nova track fits with the other heavier ones but my head never fails to amuse.

Monday, December 8, 2008


AMONG OTHER THINGS TAKING PLACE IN MY my coursework threatening to lose itself in the abyss of technology, like having to stay in this week having spent in the hundreds over the weekend doing christmas shopping, wining and dining at Belgo with privileged friends, drinking and buying cans of fish for homeless people, like being a dirty lazy fuck who hasn't left bed and hasn't gone to class and hasn't been using her intelligence in any way these past few days, like me having my first proper piece published even though the nature of its content is nothing to broadcast about (but hey, a girl can be proud), like having many more worthwhile things sprouting up VERY SOON in my very new publishing career that you need to look out for, yeah...among all of that...
THIS MAN, has FINALLY agreed to be my boyfriend...again.
Panda, we know words can express how much I love you (with the fire of a thousand suns) but let's see how well my actions can. I'm ready to try again for you and I'm excited for what's to come considering what has past between us lol. I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU...and see you in L.A.!!!

P.S. Sorry guys, there's no more of me to be had as of this day, December 8th.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Why. No really, why. This is happening without me. In L.A. On the 13th. I got a personal invite. It's an open bar. I could die. Twice.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I'm taking some time off writing my reviews right now at the Skin Two office to talk about these epic medic inspired shoes that have been itching my brain like a dirty cast for the past month! Gwendolyn Huskens is obviously the most genius design student I've encountered in a while. I would actually sport the majority of them. Dead serious.

Anyways, I'm pretty excited because, going through this massive heap of perverted/weird books and DVD's at the office, I stumbled across something of Trevor Brown's. I praised his work way back on my old blog at some point, and am now fortunate enough to do a review on one of his books of macabre rubber-clad doll illustrations. Check out his work and blog of similar works and inspiration here....well, if you like cute amputees, bondage chicks, dolls, eerie child play and toys and all that lol...

P.S. Today I'm signing up for a workshop in Bondage!

[image by Rene Van Der Hulst]

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So, I don't smoke. Unless I'm perilously drunk and people are offering (which surprisingly doesn't happen that often). But I like how it looks. So here's some pictures from Le Smoking that I picked up because I SO don't feel like writing this feature right now and am doing everything but.