Thursday, September 18, 2008


Get over the sorrow, girl
The world is always going to be made of this

You can trust in it
Unless you breathe in

I adore how you simply surrender to high

And your lungs
They're mourning

All the still-born love that could've happened
All the moments you should have embraced
All the moments you should have not locked up

So clearly
To shut yourself up
Is the hugest crime of them all
You're just crying after allTo not want them humans around

Get over the sorrow, girl...

Some songs make me want to wake up even though I haven't slept yet, just because it feels like the sun is waiting for me to be present at the banister before rising. It's foggy. Good morning.


Nouvelle Fag said...

bjork's words astound me. i don't know how she captures these feelings so well. this song rings so true for me right now.

Kara said...

that's exactly what i was thinking.