Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The past few days have been productive, maybe even fun at times, but stagnant, hence the lack of inspiration and motivation to string together a decent post

beer and popcorn moments with my bro laughing our way through 90210, white dog fur EVERYWHERE, my socks getting ripped up (luckily they were a free pair from my last flight), walking in dog piss, head-to-head job letter writing sessions and CV updating with my mom, 3 attempts among the family to get together and watch Australia, struggling through the ridonculously thick 'Shantaram', helping eat an entire home-made carrot cake which was supposed to be for my birthday, thinking about sushi, compiling a list of prospective magazines to work for in the U.A.E, U.K. and U.S. and watching Zara break the fashionable core of my heart repeatedly with long fur zippered jackets, biker jackets and americana-esque coats.

Now, after having a seriously lacking convo with a tired and cranky boyfriend across the globe on Skype (please wake up shiny and new, my love!), I am cocooned in layers watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And she just said, "I'm 16(was she really??!!!) years old. I don't wanna die." While I am doing this, my mom is on her way to get a mammogram and my sister is going to check and see if she has mumps. My brother's just in school tackling girls.

It's not even noon. fuck. me.

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