Friday, January 16, 2009

G- Hi xxx, was wondering if you were planning to review Yes anytime soon?
T-What's Yes?
G-Yes, the organic lubricant
T-Ah, yes. I can check with my colleague Kara who does reviews but I don't think you sent us any to review?
G-It's a young lady, isn't it? I sent some a while ago. I think you may have told me to send it to her. Can you please check?
Me-Sorry, guys. I have never seen, received or taken any samples of lube at Tim's. Good luck finding it.
G-Hi Kara. Thanks for replying. Yes, it's the only organic lubricant in the world to be certified by the Soil Association. Would you like me to send another sample so you can review it for the mag? What's your address?

Don't you wish your work emails read something like this? May not be getting paid, but this is THE BEST work I've ever had! Except...what do I do now?

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Nouvelle Fag said...

YAY organic lube <3

that mag cover is the most amazing thing i've seen in tiiime