Thursday, January 1, 2009


WHERE THE FUCK did Katja get this?? I DO NOT understand her language. Someone help.
It's such a fitting 20th birthday present for me, especially since Panda brought me a bottle of Pear-flavoured Absolut recently when he surprise-visited me in LDN. Not to mention it's fitting because I am the drinker of the century, coolly polishing off a bottle and a half of champagne last night in front of the TV...among other alcoholic escapades that I won't mention (as if this is something to boast about, which clearly means I am still a child).

Well, silly me should assume that the case is an Absolut product as it fits the bottle perfectly, but I can't even get onto their damn website, due to the fuckin young'un I be (sad). If you know, how much is it? I'll keep my eyes out for it in duty free back to LDN because I remember spotting and nearly picking up one of the Absolut Disco bottles in Duty Free, so maybe they've got these too. Here's hoping.

Let's try to set aside the fact that I am an utter idiot. I went back to the site and put in a fake DOB, and ya, it's the new Absolut Holiday Gift Pack. But still no one is posting the fucking price!

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