Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So...whenever I feel disinclined to post anything of worth on my blog due to complete exhaustion, I am going to post a random sampling of some of my favourite interiors and images from The Selby, since it seems my collection of his images are forming its own area code on my laptop. Five per unworthy post.

I am so tired.

I was ill today and missed class and got a telling off 'shame-on-you!' style by my very obviously passionate lecturer. This isn't grade school, yuh know! I'm happy with a shrug of your shoulders and thoughts like 'Well, it's your own loss if you don't show up'. Anyways, then I dragged my bones out of bed and into my black mohair zip-up Zara coat and met my friend Tina B. for dinner at a really nice and expensive sushi joint in Paddington. Over eel and cucumber rolls and salmon sashimi, conversation went as such:

Tina B: So, what are you doing for Reading Week?
Me: *sigh* work, I guess? You?
Tina B: I'm running off to New York to get married to my boyfriend. We're engaged.
Me: Oh, okay. At least you're doing something.

Not exactly, but yes, in this day and age, it seems 21 year olds still DO fall in love after 4 months and elope. Whatever floats your illogical boat. And she showed me the ring. It's on the Tiffany's website...

Today I nearly welcomed identity theft through a fake Green Card website. Today I finally got a call from a certain magazine but all they did was ask for my CV yet again! Today I just about set the world record for work experience applications for magazines from here to Lapland. Today I listened to Girls Aloud. Today I petted a GINORMOUS dog's fur after her Chav owner said I should because she's one of the few good ones of her breed and deserves it. Today I did not get bitten or mauled. Today I waited for a bus at midnight in Willesden Junction and had the wrong bus drivers stop to chat me up while they were on duty. Today I wrote a review for a documentary-type DVD series called Kink for Skin Two. Today I searched summer programmes at universities in Los Angeles. Today I scoured Criagslist and Gumtree. Today I took five minutes to allow myself to indulge in a tall iced chai tea latte. Today I did some plotting work on my novel on the tube. And Today my mom called. And now, after writing all this I realised that due to the current time, all this 'today' stuff really happened yesterday. And today is actually the day my father is doing a flight here. Going to meet him for dinner at his hotel near the airport A.K.A. behind god's back. I shall be back in top form soon.

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