Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Took me a minute, but I'm back and settled in LDN. Here's what you missed:

5:30am: Dressing for flight in 'conservative pilot's daughter' attire. Battle with mom over whether or not I can get away with a bottle of Absolut in my suitcase as I'm underaged and in a muslim country. She takes the bottle promising to send it with my dad for me later and I keep the glitzy red sequined case it comes in (YES, Some luscious friend of my mom's got it for me for the birthday!). Twirl for my dad for outfit approval (can't embarass Captain Martin), then screech off to the airport (he's doing a flight around the same time to Mumbai). Check in, share a coffee and a moment with the parental unit, get handed a wad of american and british bills for my birthday, exuent to gate. Board and find that my seat is #8, which means business! ...or pleasure.

8:30am: Take-off. Read Shantaram, nap, watch CSI and Two and a Half Men, take silly pictures, nap, unwillingly unpack laptop and set to work polishing off essay due same day.

1pm: Land. Fast Track (fuck yeah). Tube. Bus. Thank several gods that the weather is still tolerable. Shower. Set back to work on essay, while eating the only thing I have in my cupboard; eggs and tea.

5pm: Send off essay and first chapter of my novel an hour before deadline cut-off. Do absolutely nothing.

7pm: Get Chinese at the little shop down the street. The lady missed me and gives me a free 2009 Chinese calendar. I am the year of the Snake. Put up calendar in our common room. Stuff my face and scrutinize the queer looking expression on my face in the picture on my new Student Oyster (it took me 2.5 years into my 3 year course to get this).

Noon: Overly jovial phone call from my cousin Becks that wakes me up. She wants to know if we're still on for tonight. Yes, we are. Facebook, Facebook, Facebook, Emails, Facebook, Gumtree.

4pm: Head over to main office and check for mail. Receive a copy of 'The Freelance Writer's Handbook: How to Make Money and Enjoy your Life', which I ordered from Amazon the night before my flight. Sit and start to read it while eating some obscure yet tasty mushroom dish I cooked.

9:30pm: Meet Becks at Punk in West End for a drink and a disgusting birthday shot. Die in a corner for a hot minute, watching two after-work 40 somethings attempt dance to 80's tunes. Head over to The Roxy for a Re-Fresher's 'hang' with some uni friends. Admire the American study abroad kids as they stick out like sore thumbs bumping and grinding in baggy jeans and/or hoodies and/or uggs while everyone else does epileptic indie moves in skinny jeans and bowler hats. Kronenbourg, Flatliners, B-52's, Russian Roulettes, among other flirty cocktail pitchers. Morissey, C.S.S., King of Leon, Vampire Weekend, Heartsrevolution...yadda yadda.

4am: Pee in a corner. Night buses. Cheesy fries and late-night texts asking Panda to call.

2pm: HSBC to put my new 2009 savings plan into effect (go me!). Sit in Starbucks for several hours with my new book and a massive Chai Tea Latte (the best damn thing short of iced green tea lattes). Leave once the 16 year old after school set hit.

5pm: Waitrose. I buy
cheese blocks
thai sweet chili sauce
whole wheat bread
cream cheese
cinammon and raisin bagels
hand soap
tomato and mascarpone sauce
honey mustard dressing
cherry tomatoes
salad bowl (I recently became intrigued by salads so...yuh know)

7pm: blogging this, thinking about my future salads and wondering why I agreed to get test shots done on Friday for modelling/casting agency 'interested in my look'.

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