Wednesday, January 7, 2009


MARK BEEEEAAAMMMMM! He's cool. This is cool. Cool.

And on another note, as much as I love chilling mindlessly and luxuriously with my family, I would really like to get the fuck out of this country, as they've banned YouTube and Flickr which isn't allowing me to post several BEYOND AMAZING posts, like this bondage-infused editorial posted by Ji Kim. If you read me, you know of my sudden craze for all things fetish, especially bondage, so I couldn't ask for more with those pictures. Thank you.

Also, Ji Kim proves here that she's OBVIOUSLY ALWAYS been fashionably apt. I love this post. Wish I could do something similar but it would just be extremely embarassing. Anyway, the more I read her the more in love with her I become: bondage, Alexander Wang, sexy vampires, all things sleek, slick and black...fuckin' blogasm.

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Anonymous said...

this is AMazing where the hell is this from !!!!1