Monday, December 8, 2008


AMONG OTHER THINGS TAKING PLACE IN MY my coursework threatening to lose itself in the abyss of technology, like having to stay in this week having spent in the hundreds over the weekend doing christmas shopping, wining and dining at Belgo with privileged friends, drinking and buying cans of fish for homeless people, like being a dirty lazy fuck who hasn't left bed and hasn't gone to class and hasn't been using her intelligence in any way these past few days, like me having my first proper piece published even though the nature of its content is nothing to broadcast about (but hey, a girl can be proud), like having many more worthwhile things sprouting up VERY SOON in my very new publishing career that you need to look out for, yeah...among all of that...
THIS MAN, has FINALLY agreed to be my boyfriend...again.
Panda, we know words can express how much I love you (with the fire of a thousand suns) but let's see how well my actions can. I'm ready to try again for you and I'm excited for what's to come considering what has past between us lol. I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU...and see you in L.A.!!!

P.S. Sorry guys, there's no more of me to be had as of this day, December 8th.


DeeVine said...

Thank you god!

Let me reiterate, I've been waiting for this day to come.
Now be a happy couple again.

And don't worry about class, you didn't miss a damn thing. As usual.
And congrats on your piece!

Kara said...

thank u. ur so sweet! x