Friday, December 26, 2008

The best way I know how to wish you Seasons Greetings and all that; through X. If you're fortunate enough to be in San Francisco for the holidays, check them out at Slim's on the 26th and 27th. I've been listening to 'Motel (In My Bed)' non-fucking-stop these past few days, along with these other random particulars:

Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon
Bella's Lullaby (the official one in the movie) - Carter Burwell
Nausea - X
Baby's on Fire - Brian Eno (finally watched 'Velvet Goldmine'; yeah, what a loser)
The Movies - Alien Ant Farm

I am in Abu Dhabi again, celebrating the holidays with the fam. Apart from that, I should be reading all the books on novel writing and book proposals that I lugged over here in my suitcase, and working on my essay and novel. But I am playing with our cute new dog Rigby, whom I call Ecstasy because if Ecstasy were a dog...not kidding.

I'm also tempted to call up my friend Sweetie to hit up the clubs on this end of the world (Suet Yee - flight attendant chick who I met while travelling with my dad and his crew to beijing; we hit it off pretty well...the times she wasn't serving me on the flight, that is). But I know all that'll happen today is one bulging bout of laziness with a bit of alcohol, sporadic reading with an absence of an attention span and one huge bath (I smell like dirty dog), and maybe old school Tom and Jerry in the wee hours.

Last night, after a ridiculous Christmas dinner (my mom gets carried away this time of year) I stayed up til 7am and washed dishes with her and we talked about the inevitable: after college. I told her I wanted to move to Cali and live with Panda. She's gonna help me apply for jobs and all that. She also gave me a little cash to put into a savings account to save up for my 'future'. This is sort of MUCH easier than I thought. And that's because we haven't yet consulted the other side: the dad.

Anyways! Panda's on Skype so I shall leave you to fiddle with yesterday's gifts and my Limewire to boil up some Mastodon, Satyricon and like ALL the tracks from the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING (like tears streaking my face amazing) 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch', which I should really give its own post soon, along with some other decent movies I just saw. (Don't worry, Twilight isn't included).

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