Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today's my fake ID birthday. I' m finally 21! Okay, so here's the story behind that. When I was in Trinidad over the summer, my 17 year old brother suddenly showed up one night at one of the clubs I was partying at. And he had this totally legit looking ID on his smug person. He told me his friend from elementary school started making these things for the hell of it. He got it free. So I thought I might as well get one done before heading off to the US in a couple weeks to visit Panda. Got one. But the kid's still a bit slow'll never guess what happened. The D.O.B. on it, for some strange reason wasn't my own, but some made up one: December 3rd 1987! Which made me....20! I didn't have time to blast him because I literally drove over to his house the morning I was headed to the airport (because he was WORLDS behind schedule) and I just assumed that I would be 21 if that's what we had agreed I was going to be (HELLO! Travelling to L.A. in a matter of hours!). Anyways, so I swiped it, thanked him and left. It's only when I got on the flight and could relax that I checked it. 20. TWENTY. 21-1.

But anyways, since it's a foreign license from a third world country, the bouncers in L.A. totally just let me in anyways. But the first night I went out there I tried switching around the dates telling the bouncers that my birthday was actually the 12th of the 3rd month rather than the 3rd of the 12th month, and that worked too.

Anyways, so here I am, 21/19. I am planning a birthday party soon but as for tonight I'm just home chilling, listening to Paradise Lost (can't be arsed to get out of my PJ's). Plus this book I'm reading that I nicked from the Skin Two office is going pretty good : My Girlfriend Comes to the City and Beats Me Up by Stephen Elliott. Pick this up and...take a shot for me! :)

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