Saturday, December 27, 2008


I don't stress enough how consistently well dressed Rumi is, and this look she's rocking doesn't change that. Looking forward to next year's fashion variety in the blogosphere; and am hoping to add more of myself on here with a fashion resolution to make edgier choices in my wardrobe and just be generally more brave at dressing, even if it's for a ridiculously early 4 hour lecture, for which I would otherwise opt for tons of sweaters, dirty black skinny jeans and old Chuck Taylor's. It gets comfy, but it also gets old.
But speaking of sweaters, trust Rumi to find the God of all of them in some musty vintage haven in Cali (grrr...getting more and more anxious to move there already). Check out the detail on that thing; webbed, glittery, black, baggy, and with dress possibilities? Somehow, it is kind of like this omnipresent piece of clothing that can be worn to the clubs, to class, to the store, to the place you had to go to before you somehow lost your trousers...? Unbelievable.

And as a result, another one of my fashion resolutions would probably be to make do with what I have for once. I realised this after last month spending copious amounts of money shopping, and then realising I was so strapped for survival cash that I had to return about 3/4 of the load.

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