Monday, December 29, 2008


Looking for a writing job for my last 6/7/8 months in London. Gumtree at 5:30AM spawns this.

"I am a female who is looking for:-
Dynamic , classic, energetic, diverse, quirky , flourescent, chirpy, bubbly, creative Facebook Friends Wanted
Facebook friends and Buddkies wanted for Email Banter, wall writing picture commenting. I have a few friends on Facebook but they are sooooo boring, rather than communicate, enquire about yr welfare and keep the page enhanced they prefer to join groups and play and upload silly applications.
Looking for writers((male or female aged 25 - 46yrs old) with an edge who can liven up my page.

pls contact me"

Really? sigh...

I've been in a rut these past few days, sleeping til 5pm, forcing myself to hit the sack at midnight to get it sorted out, waking up at 3:21AM EXACTLY every morning and staying up to download more Alice in Chains or read or look for US magazines to apply for as a writer...or blog...and listen to Muslims pray on loud speaker (yup. right on cue). Not to mention I am getting slobby what with all the Christmas food, alcohol and bad TV (I don't have/watch TV in London). It's the weirdest thing. Once the words 'holiday' or 'semester break' or 'vacation' hit my eardrums, it's like I completely shut down. Nothing works. And I feel like nothing HAS to work. Because I'm on vacation. But then on the other hand, being unproductive and not churning out cool writing makes me utterly depressed. But sleep! oh so goooooddd. I just can't win. Fuck.

But tonight/this morning, I am working. My novel is back in full swing. Its body parts seem to be functioning so far. I'm excited to see what tricks I can make it do next. And I am hoping I can have it finished by the end of 2009. I'm also thinking that when the shit I've been working on these past couple months gets put up in their respective published places I will start a professional page on here. Maybe someone high up who enjoys reading inane blog postings in their very lacking spare time will pick me up. It's been said you shouldn't mix business with pleasure, but I'm a writer, so technically I'm meant to do so or else I would suck.

After I read a significant number of pages in this book and find some worthy essay quotes, I'm going to watch bad TV until the sun says I can come out now, then I'm going to play tennis with my mom and dad. Hope you guys are having a good holiday.

P.S. I also wanted to tell you that I might plan to do a reading list and movie list as a 2009 present from me to you; sort of like the 50 or 100(depending on time) books and films I think are worth your attention before the end of next year. Maybe.

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