Monday, December 22, 2008


I've never cared for their over-priced weirdities before, but somehow, this year, All Saints is doing it completely right! It was painful to walk around their store off Brick Lane today. The hole in my pocket widened itself just a tad more, singing my thigh in the process. Please tell me this isn't a fine specimen of things:

I also found my wedding dress there, and Panda approves! It's like a retarded parachute (the tiny image size won't do it justice so.... look, but don't touch (but, by all means, you must rotate it...and die knowing that it is mine). And..oh yeah, it's black. Of course the short one is just as gorgeous, but will have to be worn at someone else's wedding. Plus I want these gloves, this zipper wallet, this cigarette case (if I smoked..alot), and the black stained men's tshirt pictured above deserves special attention for its insane detail. I could see myself wearing it to bed and beyond, day in and day out.

And there you have an All Saints christmas wishlist. (I'm emailing my mom now about the wedding dress)
Apart from that, I am being disgusting and prep-reading/gathering quotes for an essay that's due at the end of next semester and contemplating watching 'Interview with the Vampire' while listening to 'YYYOOOUUU, YOUR SEX. IS. ON. FIREEEEE' a little too repeatedly. I would seriously go to a big summer festival just to yell this back at the band. This is going to be such a festival anthem. x

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