Friday, November 21, 2008


Hi. This is a picture of a guy called Neon. Neon. Nothing more awesome presented itself to me this week (actually not true, but, yuh kno...). I want that nickname. Can I be the female version? And that reminded me that there's a neon night party coming up VERE soon that I consider myself the guest star of and am totally amped and ready to own it with my new laces. Anyway, just so I don't get in trouble, that picture's taken from this epic chick's blog called Reality No-Show, and this is her:Beverly Battle, otherwise known as a member of the bevy of girls of my dreams, which includes, and certainly isn't limited to Gnarlitude Jen, Tasha Tilberg, Omahrya Mota and Meli over at Mafia Hunt.

And I got word back from my marriage proposal to Dan Hillier in a really nice email that'll have me over at Brick Lane's Sunday Up Market for sure next weekend (and not only because I'm going Christmas shopping with Becks. And not only because I have to exchange a sweater) :

"Hey Kara,
Thanks very much for your comments - always nice to see where my work's popping up, though you'll have to ask my father's permission for my hand in marriage and he's a hard nut to crack...
Your blog's great.
Hope to see you by the stall again sometime.
Take care,

Dan x"


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