Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It's crunch time with one week left 'til hand-in of all my third year particulars before a blessed Christmas break in the desert with the fam, and all I can think about are the things I blew all my cash on and the things I want to take out loans for...

£18 £18
and £40. Words are failing me with this travel bag/vanity case/item of demi god status. It's just divine.As for three of my current owned favourite items (not including the stash I picked up this weekend at Brick Lane which will so gets its shining moment later on):
A coin purse/paraphernalia case thingie
Fringe bag from Primark that cost me like nothing and is doing a world of good
And this PVC skirt that I ordered online from Honour for something like 20 quid. Wore it out for the first time this past weekend; or rather it wore me. I fucking love it.
And since we're talking in 3's here, there are three relentless songs dominating my brain as of late:
Ivan Lins version of A Felicidade (which none of the youtube videos are justifying so I'm not gonna link it)
Psychosocial by Slipknot (still killing myself for missing their show on the 1st)
and Alien Ant Farm's Wish (has me reminscing on my (attempted) skater days and playing Tony Hark Pro Skater 3 and listening to that).
Not sure how the portuguese bossa nova track fits with the other heavier ones but my head never fails to amuse.

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