Sunday, February 8, 2009


These are my babies; bought for me in NY over summer by my mom. Thanks, mom. But I think it needs a buddy. As a grown-up who looks to Vogue for fashion guidance and hopes to work for fashion magazines very soon, I think having an extra pair of decent heels (hopefully with better walking qualities) is a good idea.

These three (taken from Jak and Jil) are a kind of heaven I don't understand. It doesn't reign above our heads but rather beneath us, on our feet. I wonder if my writing career will ever lead me in this financial direction.

Or in this one. [Office, from L to R: on sale at £50 (I might just starve myself for two days and check out these), £85, £90, £80]. I've bought things here before, but nothing that was as lasting and as timeless as I know a pair of beautiful black heels would be.

But let's take it a little loooowwweeerrrr, shall we? To where I'm at:
Matalan at £14. I know, it's teetering on trashy ground. Be honest, is it that bad? Do you think this can be pulled off? I want new shoes! But then again, I ALWAYS want new shoes...

OF COURSE I just missed my food cut-off (I gained a little weight and started this lame eating habit involving no fizzy drinks, 10 times less alcohol than I drank before, 10 times more veg, organics and water, the gym and no eating after 9pm). yuck. I think I'll just make it worse if I follow the rules today and starve myself for the evening because all I've had was water, cinnamon tea and McVities, so I'm off to make a stir-fry.

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Nouvelle Fag said...

the NY shoes are hottttt
not feeling the matalans tbh but then you can pull anything off just by being YOU
ps we need to go for fat greasy noodles, you're already too thin as it is