Thursday, February 19, 2009


Normally people say when life gives you lemons..blah blah blah. Fuck lemons. I like strawberries. And when life makes you want to stick an air-filled syringe in your left eyeball, I am going to make organic pancakes with pure maple syrup and strawberries on top; with chai tea (not pictured).

After that, in the evening, you might get a pint of cider, lager and black currant, watch a movie, neglect friends and fall asleep to the amazing band you're missing perform tonight (pardon the utterly shit video). Actually, I'm listening to this one, but not very band representative, is it?

I swear, if I could cough up £11 a session at the Hot Bikram Yoga studio that I used to work at, I would be there. Bikram Yoga is my drug of choice. Nothing gets you more amped up and aired out for a night of raving until 6am, then explicit sex (if that were available to you) until it's breakfast and time for pancakes again like Bikram Yoga. Intense fucking energy.

And I swear, whoever has my mug in their dormitory as I type this, I will hang them from their window sill with their dental floss. I hate campus!


Nouvelle Fag said...

those look sweeeeeet, we should've totes invited you to our place for pancake night tonight!

ps i've decided against bikram and opted for kundalini, starting monday @ pineapple...

Kara said...

am i missing out on smthg here? (besides ur pancake nite) everyone's talking about pancakes today....and...i saw...a pancake display at waitrose...pans, spatulas, mix...everything...ok...yea, i am missing smthg.