Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have a love/hate relationship with mail/post. Everytime I am anxiously waiting for something, I get the complete opposite, like spam, or, I don't know, forwards or bank statements. I ordered a lot of books recently via Amazon and have been waiting FOREVER for them to come. All I've had in my mail slot over the past week are TV License stuff or piles from HSBC telling me they're taking my money. So it was quite a great surprise, after a long day, to come home to this:

Influence by Mary-Kate and Ashley Oslen (two of my very many fashion influences) is ram-packed with exciting inteviews from great names in fashion, from Robert Lee Morris to Terry Richardson to Christian Louboutin. I spent the evening browsing them. It isn't a book with an epiphany attached to it, and I honestly expected more stunning fashion images than I found (I mean, it's MKA!), but I enjoyed sitting up in bed this evening going through it. I love that in the interviews we see the girls as fans rather than demi-gods, and that they've underlined some very uplifting and inspiring quotes, very useful for people like me who aren't willing to follow the 9-5 trend and have taken the creative route. This book is officially my first coffee table book.

The second one I am probably going to get would be Midori's The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage (below), which has been sitting on Tim's shelf in front of me at the office for days. It' so beautiful. If I had time, I was going to head over to the Coco de Mer branch on Draycott Avenue today, just to browse through it, and possibly buy some rope. But my wallet pleaded no. She knew I was going to give in and buy the book as well. Panda offered to buy it for me. I swear, he's either a horn dog or the sweeetest boyfriend ever. Or both. I love him for it.

I also did large amounts of pestering magazines for work experience over the past two weeks and not much has come of it. Well, when I say not much, I mean, to match my impatience and great expectations. As expected, TimeOut and Sugar have no time. And Vogue and their cohorts are probably laughing at my application up above ("you REALLY think we have something for you within the next two years?") since I've gotten no word from the Conde Nast variety. Today I had an interview with Luxure Magazine, and it went well, so we'll see what becomes of that. Otherwise, if you want to hire me to write something, please do! I'd prefer money for my writing anyday.

Also because I am getting frustrated. I applied for this small job as a fashion blogger for a February project, and the guy who replied just started talking to me about his own blog (which is almost bare say the least). I had to remind him that I applied for a job, and he just prattled off some random fashion thoughts he had, and asked me what I thought of it, without ever really getting down to the specifics i.e. project, hours, payment. After a bit of back and forths, I stated it plain and simple, 'WHERE'S MY JOB?' (but professionally). Still nothing. If people out there find it amusing to make up jobs just to have hard-working, hard-searching people like me amuse them for an evening with their future dreams and aspirations (and CV), then I don't know what to expect next. Honestly. WHAT A DOUCHE BAG JUNKIE!

I thought I might need a brownie to cheer me up today. Got my brownie. Two, in fact. And I don't even really eat sweet things anymore with the exception of desert after a meal when out with friends. But after getting my book in the mail, it's like I was suddenly back in business. UPS came and delivered a pair of Kill City skinny jeans for me and the Skin Two editor wants to discuss me writing more content for their website on Friday coming. Another amazing inbox chat followed. I sheepishly asked Andrew Crofts (amazing guy who wrote my new writer's bible below) to interview him for a class project about Non-Fiction careers and all that come with it. And he's agreed to meet me face-to-face on Saturday for a chat. He's super nice and I'm super excited. Also stoked to use my new Olympus digital voice recorder, which is soo amazing and handy.

That's actually not all for the moment. I am back working on my novel with renewed vigour after a dry spell, and as much as I am afraid to say it, because you might never see it hit a shelf, it's really turning into something. I like it. Finally. And maybe I'll share some of it with you at a later less-busy date.

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Mrs. M. said...

i have been dying to get Influences, but it always slips my mind. It's one of those things i keep meaning to get.