Monday, February 2, 2009


So it's that kind of day today; and might be for the whole week. Great. Instead of doing my shopping yesterday like I should've, I went running off to Haagen Dazs for tiramisu ice cream and watching Chinese New Year fireworks in Central with friends. Now, I am without, save for half a bag of bowtie pasta, some onions and half a jar of veggie tomato pasta sauce. Even the sugar for my tea just wiped out. Anyone care to send me a care package?

MOM: Look how snowy! Don't worry, I'm not a block of ice, thanks to the trusty black Zara fur jacket you gave me for my birthday last month. I'm keeping warm, eating well (until today due to dwindled food supplies) and doing my homework.

PANDA: Wish you were here

Pardon the heavy documentation but this is my first proper snow day, and London's first in something like 18 years. I'm 20. Ha. Half calf-deep, pure-white, University-closing, student-saving snow. It's lovely, but I think I'll keep my snow angels to the bed. Hope you lot are having as good a start to February!

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