Monday, February 2, 2009


Since I HAD to use my camera to take pictures of the massive amount of incessant snow, then I HAD to take a picture of a couple more things. These are three things that I almost NEVER leave the house without:

1. That be the forever aforementioned black Mohair Zara coat that my mom got me for my birthday

2. Two rings; plain silver from the Silk Market in China (had two but one fell in a very large disgusting bin in a Latino 18 and Over Nightclub in L.A.- don't ask me what I was doing there), and the other was on sale at Topshop, Abu Dhabi (which mostly sucks balls!)

3. My skull and brain necklace from %$##@--! (Not telling you where I got it til I have their fang necklace in my possession- sorry). The tag, which I couldn't snap for the life of me says "MAFIA: you hit me we hit you".

Well, technically, this is 4 things I can't live without as my journal is in there. That thing has mad content that is WAY past the point of explanation.

Because no post will be coming today, I can't receive my copy of Influence and Wetlands, so I'm going to be a pop-culture hound and read the latest Grazia and Bushnell's novel 'Sex and the City' (which has surprisingly started off utterly dull...and badly! This is the first book I have ever read that has a better movie/TV Show than itself).

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Anonymous said...

will you tell us the brand now?:)