Thursday, February 12, 2009


I was looking up some pretty images from The Selby to soothe my throbbing headache, which might be a result of last night's impromptu 2.99 bottle of red wine (on my own) and coffee shisha with old and new friends. It pains me to say that after a very fruitful day of work and errands, and an intense pilates class, that is what I did next. I broke my own rules. I even ate after 9pm. Well, I had to, what with that kind of drinking going on. But I have honestly been too hard on myself so it's not something I completely regret. It was fun to be social again.

As for this weekend...

FRIDAY: Possibly going to some artsy cabaret affair at Shunt and must pop in at the new Trash Palace on Old Street for a couple hours. I am writing a sample review of the venue for a club and bar reviewers position with a prominent London events website. Then possibly Shunt clubbing into the wee hours? Who knows...(Fi, read my wall and Becks' and join us for some of it? - oh yeah, by the way, Fi started blogging again. She's awfully good at the stuff and I don't know why she isn't a freelance writer. You should check her out here...)

SATURDAY: Yeah, sure, it's Valentine's day (and speaking of which, I sat behind an old man on the bus with a bald spot in the shape of a heart this week!) but you will find me moshing and rocking the fuck out at the Metal Hammer Defenders of the Faith gig for which Lamb of God and DIMMU BORGIR will be performing (AND SPEAKING OF METAL, I. JUST. MIGHT. DIE.)

SUNDAY: not one fuck. You won't be able to reach me. There's no way I am leaving my bed/room/dream-space for anything this Sunday. Absolutely not. I hope I made that clear enough how in dire need of rest I am.

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Nouvelle Fag said...

freelance writer'd be nice! though alas it is not my fate. Sorry i couldn't be there on fri, sounded like a wkd time xxx