Sunday, February 22, 2009


I listened to this all weekend. Still am. Sometimes I cried, sometimes I just sat back and enjoyed being alive to hear it. You might remember it from Babel (that soundtrack is one of my absolute favourites, mostly because of Gustavo Santaolalla's arrangements, like the closing piece 'Bibo No Aozora' ...what Limewire named it, not me, so sorry for any misinterpretation). I have a thing for movie scores and soundtracks. My iPod is considerably packed. I am also really getting back into acoustic guitar and wish I hadn't stopped playing it. It's just in the move from Trinidad to Abu Dhabi, somehow, an entire guitar got lost. I will probably invest in another after graduation though.

Anyways, this post is make sure you know I am still around. Nothing amazing has happened lately. I have lots of gathered finds from New York Fashion Week to show you, but I try to post things in a varied manner because, even though there are far more fashion posts than others, I'd like there to be a little something for everyone at A Dirty Word, whether you're a perv who likes bondage, someone who shares similar interests in reading/writing, metal and other great music like the track above, enjoys my inane postings because it's a relief from the things you read in your office and on the tube or you are just stalking me and waiting for me to accidentally slip my address. Another reason for those last few sentences is because I realised I am building up a small male following here, not including Panda (or the gay one), and that is slightly embarassing, but also very cool, so, I'm trying harder to balance the ship. Hello to the newbies like Sebastian! (bet he didn't know I was going to do that- I'll allow him to respond with a stream of dirty words if he likes :p).

I'm just sitting here eating some Uncle Ben's 3 minute microwaveable risotto with a mini can of coke (you know how much I like those). Now that the can's done and it's approaching the witching hour, I've switched to a very cheap glass or two of red wine. I am reading 2009's copy of 'Best Women's Erotica' because I am reviewing it for Skin Two, and I'm finding that it's actually quite decent. If you're into Erotica, you should definitely pick this up (but wait for my review to come out first on the Skin Two website, read it, AND THEN buy it). Alternatively, if having to spend money in this day and age's current crisis makes you vomit, then check out my amazingly talented and beautiful lecturer's erotica here. I've been meaning to post about her for ages, not only because I'm a fan of her and her work (she once interviewed Prince!), but also because she's a fan of mine and has been one of the biggest inspirations so far to it (yeah, I can be big-headed, but I find sometimes it helps). In other sex-related news (Oh God here goes...) I wrote this, and down here's my silly little biog to go with it). I'll have you know it's been edited a bit and sorry, in advance.

Rewind a bit to when I was speaking of money woes, this guy is about to kill himself; obviously. Why am I the only one who sees that? Or did he kill himself already?

And on other men, Panda and I are not doing so well recently. I think we're both tense about this L.A. move thing and we've been having big fights about it. I know for one, I am really stressing. So we've decided to limit our talking to emails every now and then so we don't rip each other's throats out "face to face"; face to face in quotations because as we're long distance, that could only mean video chat on Skype. (BUT I LOVE YOU!). Good.

Maybe there's more to post tomorrow.

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