Thursday, February 5, 2009


Call me a complete nutter, but there's something about those intricate ties and knots that make bondage so exciting and beautiful to me. Yeah, I've said this about half a dozen times already since first starting off at Skin Two. But I think it's here to stay. Here are some pretty images I found through browsing Google images. It started off as stuff for my research portfolio (my novel has some aspects of bondage in it- I couldn't resist!), but now it's a blog post.

I don't think this beats the Self Service editorial Ji Kim posted though (which I also have posted about before - can't get enough!). All the riggings there are worth mastering before I die.; which ultimately means I can't die anytime soon.

These will all have to do til I get my own copy of The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage.


Mrs. M. said...

I think the pics are great. My favorite collection is Ellen Von Unwerth's "Revenge". Love that woman.

Anonymous said...

someone else in the blogging world who cherished fetish! FUCK YEAH!!!