Wednesday, February 25, 2009


CUH-RAY-ZINESS! I suppose it's fitting that Panda and I are on a break right now because I am busy as fuck with all kinds of amazing projects and it just keeps getting better and better, which basically means, busier and busier. I'm definitely liking being a workaholic though, and liking that I don't have to moan over our last bickering session on Skype. We had a really great talk last night (early this morning), hours before I had to wake up for my interview for work experience with Yoga Magazine. So, that went really well (the conversation and the interview). I should hear back tomorrow from the latter. She was really impressed with my writing, thinks I'm talented and she plans to really work me if I get the position; like send me out to interview yogis and shit, actually work on pieces for publication in their mag etc. etc. Beats what Tatler told me last week, "You're basically going to be serving coffee and sorting mail." Tatler? On the 3rd floor of the Vogue House? Really guys?? Anyways, I won't lie and say I don't hope I get work experience with them too. Brings me one step closer to Vogue and the Fashion Empire in the sky.

So, the interview was funny because I brought in some writing samples. One was an unpublished piece I did as a trial for the job of bar and club reviewer for ViewLondon. I was waiting to hear back from ViewLondon about whether it was suited to their site or not. When I got home from the interview, ViewLondon is like:

"I’ve finally managed to edit your review and it is now live on the site -

You’ll notice that I’ve made almost no edits to the review. I was extremely impressed by your sample and loved your style. You provided lots of details – which held up under a fact check – and really got to the mindset of the venue. I loved the first sentence of The Venue section and your Last Word summing up, in particular. It was by far one of the best samples I’ve had in…

Of course, I’m happy to say that your application was successful and I’d love to offer you a place on my official View London reviewing team – welcome aboard!!"

So now I get paid to go out. Ace.
So, this is a stack of mags I took home with me today after the interview, for research purposes. I pitched an idea to Scatlet magazine about fetish stuff and they are up for reading it so it looks like my career as a freelancer is about to begin. Might as well get it right.

I love coming across magazines I've never seen before; especially when they're printed on really nice paper and it's not cluttered or jaded because they're fresh in the game. They pay attention to sleek design and just totally nail it. I do give away my overflowing copies of Elle and Vogue eventually but when it comes to the brilliantly packaged mags like i-D, Dazed and Confused and these I picked up, I feel like they're almost on par with coffee table reads, and keep them for quite a while. Really excited to go through these.

As for Fashion Week, I usually save that for the meticulous fashion blogs out there that do such a great job gushing and raving about RTW this and Resort and Cruise that. As for me, I ain't gonna give you a complete rundown. I just don't have the time (love saying this). All I know about New York Fashion Week so far is that I love Alexander Wang to death but he just didn't nail it for me this time compared to his past collections. Don't get me wrong, it was great, but it wasn't one of the jaw-droppers of old. I was way more into this collection by some lady I never heard of called Behnaz Sarafpour. WAAAYYY MOOOREEE. I can't believe these 4 particulars, namely the gradient fur coat. Amazing colour. I think I like green right now...

Anyway, my friend is totally nagging me to come over already. I'm going to another block on campus to watch movies, BS around and drink. Have a good week! If you try to make it better than mine, you might just kill yourself so...don't bother. x

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