Sunday, March 1, 2009


Oldie but goodie. Ya, I've been doin' that on a Sunday night; going through old photos. Me (middle) and some friends back home at one of the most over-hyped clubs there called Zen. Intense face, yes. Force fed scotch all night. My friend is a weekend DJ there and, for some reason, visiting home again makes me a celebrity to my friends so they pretty much hook me up. Well, his free drinks card is pretty limited; hence scotch; hence this. And yes, that is my best friend's foot on the countertop.

Some things I am grateful for:

1) Having spare foreign currency in my wallet. Today my card refused to give me any money possibly due to some disturbance in the chip, said the overly informed Tube station assistance lady. Luckily I was stuck in the tourist centre of the world (Piccadilly Circus) so this very nice man behind the counter at the currency exchange totally understood when I shoved 6 US dollars under the glass and said 'Ya. I need to get home.' I laid off on the yuan, dirhams and TT dollars, thinking that a bit much, and just legged it after the next bus with the four warm pound coins in my hand. I guess HSBC missed having me come in to complain all the time. Congratulations guys, you managed to stay un-fucked for... 3 consecutive months? What number card is this I am going to have to order now? 3?

2) Finally acquiring my mom's fuck-you-I-can-have-this-if-I-want-to attitude. So I emailed up Yoga magazine again after their 'prejudiced' rejection and the editor found that impressive so I start Tuesday (I thought that only happened in movies). Panda, I am glad you find that sexy. It's a shame there's nothing we can do about that as the Atlantic Ocean and several other countries render us impossibly distanced on the bed I am imagining.

3) The fact that I didn't get so wasted last night at the Big Chill House that that wasn't my high heel shoe on top of the roof of a bus stop shelter this morning. Cinderella, a Londoner's rendition? When are you blonde drunkorexic hoes going to realise how lovely shoes and a liver are? Bleh, I haven't realised the latter yet. But anyways, point is that wasn't my shoe. I was wearing Vans. (How cool would it be if homegirl followed my blog and I was able to help her find her lone fugly shoe by calling her a blonde drunkorexic hoe?)

4) For candid acquaintances like Leo (cousin Becks' boyfriend). "Do you know how difficult it is to make someone in another country want you so bad for your skills that they feel the need to go through the laborious process of petitioning you for a work visa? Does your boyfriend know that? I don't get it. Why doesn't he just marry you? It's not like you can't get divorced straight afterwards." *shrugs*

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