Thursday, March 26, 2009


This at 6:30am. Made an appearance at the Skin Two Yearbook Launch with Mistress Ivy. Slurped on coke and tap water because I've still been drugging up and losing my days to the flu. This photographer lady wouldn't leave me alone and told me to sit on my boss's lap for a photo and pout (my boss is the editor of skin two). After that, she took a few of me with Ivy on the pole on the middle of the dance floor (Ivy is good with these- see her twirl), and then she wanted me alone posing skankily (did I just make that up?) on a lone chair on the stage. Not looking forward to the outcome. But this beautiful beautiful asian boy works there. What a beauty. Glad I have my own waiting for me in L.A. We left quite early though with McDonald's fries on the mind and teetered around Hammersmith station in want of the loo (which was closed). So we went outside to look for a corner that didn't already house a sleeping vagrant, then we crouched. Pretty sure the man strolling past innocently on a breezy evening out saw Ivy's bits while she apologised through giggles. He was staring at us completely unsure of what was going on, until she said 'there were no loos anywhere so...', then he wrenched his head forwards and walked on briskly, apologising with hand gestures. Still pissing. Some guys who clean at night were approaching with these big heavy cleaning carts so we hurried on, screaming and running away very slowly in deadly heels...while our abandoned piss trickled and formed one long river together along the cobbled walk. My boyfriend said 'ew'. I say friendship.

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