Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Remember that Brazilian pop TV show Xuxa? Or was that just me..? Anyway, this outfit reminds me of an Alexander McQueen piece I once ogled. And those boots (and all the Robin Hood type boots). Don't get me started on those boots. I wish girls in London would get over them already. They're the vilest thing that ever set up shop on the high street and need to be collected and incinerated before we April.

The last post sucked so I deleted it. I think I am getting jaded by the blogosphere and I'm too busy trying to figure out what my own blog is about. It's just all over the place, and I suppose, that makes sense. Your personal blog should reflect you, and 'all over the place' is an ideal way to describe me, but I take this thing way too seriously. And then again...that makes sense too. I take life way too seriously too. But I hate when people say that IS SOME SERIOUS SHIT! PLEASE DO TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! No, really, think about that. It's serious. Fuck.

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