Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today's a sunny day. Well done, well done. So I have to take advantage of it, not just by taking pictures of oddities in my room, but by actually doing the whole outdoor tra-la-la: walking around with camera, sunglasses, iced Starbucks drink, double decker buses; yup yup. I have a lot of shit to do today though.

It's good to see Kill City in all these rad places (not that I know who the fuck Whitney Port is - and please, don't tell me). Above is me wearing the stained pewter skinnies they sent me. Wearing these I know it's gonna be a good day.

Heading here tonight with a vampire. Not just to review it, but for the live acts as well - whoever they are, I don't care; it's a punk bar and they came all the way from the US for this shit, so fuck it, let's hear it. Haven't been to a small gig in centuries. Come along and say hi! I'm wearing plaid. Okay, that sure as fuck won't set me apart. Better one: I'm black. Oh, and buy me a drink...

Damn, this looks good though too:
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I never get tagged to do these shits but as we're bloggers, we like talking about ourselves, hence I'll do it anyway. Our generation is walking around with mirrors in their back pockets.

3 random things about me:
1- I like picking the scabs off recent cuts (likethisoneonmyindexfingerthatjustwon'tfuckingbudge!!!)
2- I read Stephenie Meyer's latest cult vampire books but if I feel the urge to do it in public, I take off the covers
3- I'm thinking I should remove the link to this blog from my Facebook page as so many goddamned relatives keep adding me

P.S. The next post is gonna be some awesome scans from some mags I just bought: War (free), Plastique and i-D

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