Monday, March 30, 2009


Had to take the last post further as I've been listening to the digital suicide demo all morning and I visited their online store. I need a credit card:
Swarovski crystaled megaphone: $2500: I actually nearly stole Lo's at the Hoxton gig.
Revolution X Alice in Wonderland Blacklight Poster: $5: (OF COURSE IT'S SOLD OUT! OF COURSE!)

Metallic Pink Laser Gun : $5: I just reminds me of the days when I thought Pink Ranger was a goddess in the right colours...and a tight suit. Didn't you think she was too? Don't lie. As far as other weapons go, I really think they should be selling the dagger spotted on their Switchblade EP/ CD Digipak, and here on The Selby.

'That' tshirt: $20 : Alright, I decided to just fuckin get the tattoo, damnit. Four words on your inner arm ain't nothing.

Obviously, a tank: $15 : yes full stop

I SO have an essay to edit and hand in. My mom called me yesterday. Good to hear from ya. This week is:
Monday: Business of Writing portfolio hand-in; Yoga (and Mistress Ivy might come with) (and the yoga teacher told me a girl farted in the last class when she was putting her leg behind her head)
Tuesday: Work at Yoga mag
Wednesday: Work at Yoga mag; meeting le Vampyre for dinner at Wagamama, then to his for a movie night with Mistress Ivy
Thursday: Feedback with lecturer on my novel; dad flying in so might meet him for dinner; Hoodoo Voodoo party at South London Pacific!!!
Friday: Work at Yoga Mag
See you on the other side.

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