Friday, March 6, 2009


I'm going ou-hout tonight. Have a song...

REMEMBER THAT?! Best damn thing.

This weekend is like:

-BOP aka homosexually retarded college party held in a gymnasium on a Friday night. At least my friends petitioned for a second room of tunes UNLIKE the cheese and chart hit variety. This is all very prom. I've forgotten how to party so I didn't even pick up a pre-session bottle of anything and I can't be arsed to make an effort so dad's oversized flannel shirt is coming out with some vans and a body con mini. I guess that is making an effort but without making one.

-reviewing 3 books: 2 for Skin Two, one for Yoga Magazine

-meeting these two girls Kat and Mizu for a threesome, and probably lunch along Brick Lane

-bugging more mags to publish this piece I just wrote

-reading and quote gathering for my end of year Business of Writing essay

-being depressed because California Dreamin' by the Mamas and Papas is stuck in my head and it's so cold and it's so far away and it's so not California.

-sleeping blissfully on a Sunday minus a hangover and plus the clean sheets. Pancakes, eggs, tea, PJ's, everything!

I tried hand-washing some stuff yesterday and my hands are so soft and spoilt rotten that i have a huge cut on my finger now. FROM RUBBING CLOTHES TOGETHER!!! I'm making a very artsy little cast for it.


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