Saturday, March 28, 2009


Said Mistress Ivy on le Vampyre's wall:

i dont think I should pierce you in class today, i think liz would be too distressed! but one evening when im not dying of a migrane if your up for it would love to stick some needles in you! :-)

I truly love the company I keep. Such a shame I have to leave these two soon. But the sun is oh so bright on the other side. Can' Sat talking with them into the wee hours this morning, sipping on diluted Captain Morgan. Had just come from a particularly shit night out in Clapham with some girls in Primark dresses, tiaras and custom made sashes, and my old friend decked out in some tight-ass gear as Superman. While sipping on an Espresso Martini, I glared at the guy who was smiling at me over the shoulder of one of the tiara'd girls, while he whispered in her ear and she giggled. I heard something along the lines of:

Sleazy Man:
blahblahblahblah girl on girl action blahblahblahblah sexy. That girl over there is really cute.
Acquaintance: I know that girl. She came with us.
Sleazy Man: Well, she's really cute. Call her over.
A: Yeah she's cute but blahblahblahblah... (it all got swallowed up when Kings of Leon started to play)

Later on when she and her friend left us to keep the night from ending with two other guys, I commented on how stupidly trashy they were acting, and that made my friend the Vegan upset. She wasn't really talking to me after that, which is fine; I was ready and setting off to go home anyway. mentioned, ended up in the company of le Vampyre and Mistress Ivy.

Then at around 6, I climbed a wall (not sure why...) and ran home in one of le Vampyre's coats. It started raining and it felt really good spattering my face as I ran. I love how some people think that if they run in the rain they will get less wet, but really you're gathering more and more water on your body the faster you run.

OH YEAH! Watched Pom Poko the other night at le Vampyre's: found it hard to swallow (ha- swallow- good word choice) that raccoon testicles play an integral part of the film; the creator really went all out making good use of them. They transformed into huge swollen weapons, blankets and parachutes etc...but it's such a cool fucking movie.

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